Tarot Readings a Spiritual and Practical approach with Jean, an Organic Symbolist. 4cardspread
What a Tarot reading can offer you:  Most of the time when we consult the Tarot cards we are at a point in our life when we want to make a decision or we are facing a challenge or problem and want to know how best to handle it and what if any action that is needed. Here are a few things that a Tarot reading can bring to you.

  • Clarity, insight, knowledge and a deeper understanding.
  • Spiritual guidance and self-discovery, self-empowerment to create change.
  • Reveal hidden facts or influences, patterns of behavior, challenges and obstacles, hopes and fears.
  • A keen sense of possibilities and potential.
  • Affirm what you already know, confirmation.
  • New perspectives and what new factors should be considered?
  • New awareness, attention to energy and an awakening to higher consciousness.

Monthly tune ups. Life will always change, keep your intuitive polished and give yourself the edge of knowing. Self-transformational tools to work on self. I have more than 30 years reading the Tarot cards and have been teaching classes since 1999.  Please take a look at Jean’s Biography  page, the Ethical policy in the Book a reading tab and the FAQ  tab for more information on how I read the Tarot.

I am trained in alternative medicine, owned a health food store and was a host of the Radio show, The Health Nut, live interview with topics on alternative medicine and health,  in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have over 28 years in sponsoring women and men through their drug/alcohol addictions,  35 years of Tarot readings, 15 years of teaching Tarot and professional readings, 20 years of Shamanic , Aromatherapy ,intuitive and Occult training.  I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified in Past Life Regressions, trained in Business as a Senior Account Executive and business owner.   I  was a writer of Metaphysical articles for the New Age newspaper in Albuquerque and for John Edward website, Infinite Quest on Tarot topics. I lived in Bali for 7 years and created the Bali Tarot deck, the Major Arcana, as yet unpublished. 


“I have gone to Jean for Tarot readings since she opened her wonderful bookstore, The Mystic Bear Bookstore in 1999.  The metaphysical community of Albuquerque has grieved for that sacred space for years now as she closed it in 2003. Lucky for me I found Jean had returned to the USA from living in Bali for the past seven years and now I can see her for readings. She is practical, grounded and very intuitive in so that she blows me away. I consider her a Master Tarot reader, her knowledge and her years in service counseling comes through her readings. Often the vibration in the reading feel like a big spotlight has been turned on and mystical auras are all around, at other times I know I have just seen a great spiritual Therapist.” Pamela C.

“I was really lucky to meet Jean at a healing arts fair in November where I had my first-ever tarot card reading. It was unplanned, as I didn’t know much about the tarot at the time, but my curiosity lead me to Jean to ask a few questions and her friendly, knowledgeable, and simple introduction to the tarot quickly increased my interest in experiencing the power of the tarot for myself. I sat right down! Jean clarified to me that she was not predicting my future, but rather allowing guidance to flow through the cards, which would more than likely resonate with my own intuition. This is exactly what happened. I felt a greater sense of clarity about a certain issue for which I had been seeking guidance. The reading really clicked for me and I would not have been drawn to such a method if it were not for Jean’s down-to-earth approach and explanation of this beautiful tool.” –Janelle

“I’ve known Jean for many years and have had Tarot readings by her both distant and in person.  I’ve found her interpretations to be very helpful and insightful particularly (for me) in business relationship situations.  Whenever I have a particularly difficult situation, I can rely on Jean to give me good advice and direction. ” M. Clark