W14Art XIV

Today the Moon is in Sagittarius, September 20, 2015. The Tarot card “Temperance” is associated with the sign of Sagittarius. I and other Tarot Deck creators have changed the title of the card to “ART” is seen here in my Bali Tarot Deck (unpublished) as Dewi Saraswati, the Art of the Alchemy of Divine Creativity. The Moon it is said in Astrology is one of the most powerful daily aspects in our lives. It affects our moods and emotions which can bring positive or negative energy to the day. The Moon’s position in the stars can affect our collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life. The Moon shifts quite rapidly between the constellations and so today Magic is afoot. The Moon in Sagittarius can surprise and shock you the unexpected and thus it may feel almost Magical. For some who have suffered for the last three years of life, Saturn in Sagittarius also brings transformation and this may turn you around. A refreshing new feeling may come about as destiny magically turns the corner. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. “Here the Fool meets the Goddess Dewi Saraswati one of the most revered Balinese Deities, a Hindu Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, writing, art, music, healing and beauty. She is seen here mixing fire and water. Dewi Saraswati is a messenger from the heavens who is creating a ritual of Magic, which the Balinese culture is so well known for in its daily ceremonials and rituals. We know that fire and water do not mix and therefore we are asked to suspend our beliefs to allow this magic of alchemy, of transformation to occur within us as we are asking the ego to step aside and allow consciousness to be brought about. It takes patience to change, to see what is not connected, and to allow the creative spirit to descend so that we may see relationships where there have been none before. This is the very art of sacred alchemy, the blending of two to create three, the creation of the art of divinity.” Jean Redman May Magic be blended today for your happiness and joy of life and may we have the patience to know faith. Meditate/Contemplate on this Tarot card for today.

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