How We Handle Disillusionment Defines How We Move Forward.

The Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is usually seen in a reading as reaching a positive point in one’s life, the meaning of the image is that you have met a goal in life, you have fulfilled your dream in the material world, such as a career, a house, and money and or health, the physical body as pentacles represents the earthly realm.  This can be a manifestation of a project or creative venture, although it is not yet complete. The message of the card is of encouragement, letting you know you have all the skills to achieve your dream.  It is a very good omen in all things as you are appreciated, if you are looking for a promotion, you will get it, if for love it means you are seen in a very positive light, in a project the concept is a winning one keep plugging along.

When this card falls into a position in a spread that represents secrets, something the mind does not know and or something someone is not telling you this can bode that the feeling of disillusionment is present.  One of my tools in reading tarot is to ask a question, what am I disillusioned about? How can I move out of being disillusioned?  Or for instance any Tarot card like the Death, I would ask what needs to die in order to move on?

Disillusionment is the feeling that goes with the loss of the illusion.  Yes, nothing is guaranteed in this life, for instance you can work and build toward a future and that future reality falls apart upon reaching the goal.  The game of life shifts.  Accepting that life is suffering and not wallowing in self-pity, known as the great self-pity party, the victim’s birthday party will help in moving out of disillusionment and into the light.  By acknowledging that I am disillusioned, becoming aware through the Tarot cards and by taking steps to transcend this feeling will bring the Three of Pentacles card into full manifestation of positive energy of forward motion, trusting the process is right and good.  Disillusionment will stop you in your tracks and block your resolve, your passion, your vibrant energy that pours forth into your project, career, job and physical body, or a writing project.   The first step to clear the path is to focus and clear the mind. I cannot change the world or what is, I can change myself. I can listen and be the witness to my mind.  When self-pity of being disillusioned comes into my conscious I can replace that thought with love, love of self, love of the world and all that is given to us so freely.  With patience and endurance, I can lift the veil of darkness that descends when the mind turns it focus on the negative.  Learning to not participate in the minds struggle will go a long way in lifting with faith the gray cloud of disillusionment that settles over self and life itself.  Mediation helps, talking to your mentor, friend and contemplation are the keys to moving into a renewed sense of purpose and being. ©Jean K. Redman (the first card is from Eric C Dunn’s deck, Tarot Illuminati, the second from the classic, 1906 deck the Rider-Waite Tarot)



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