Happy New Year!  The year 2017 is a Number One year, the Year of the Magician in the Tarot cards.

Goodbye, 2016! Welcome, 2017 a number 1 year! What a year 2016! For some it was magical, do you know anyone that had a great 2016, not many and if you did, good for you! For many, it was a horrible, challenging, dispiriting and downright sad year, one of saying goodbyes. In Numerology, 2016 was a Universal 9 year. Traditionally this energy brings completion, transformations, endings and selfless service. All numbers have a positive and a negative energy; this is the duality of life. It was a year of extremes as predicted by this number. The Number ONE year is new beginnings, new potentials, leadership, pioneering into new frontiers, pushing hard and or making progress. The energy of a one is the planting of new seed thoughts, high energy which can also be confrontational, crude and insensitive like a bull in a china shop. To push forward requires courage and wisdom. May you be granted these qualities in 2017 and may you be blessed with serenity along the way.
Your personal year is what you will look at for this year’s blessings and challenges. How to determine your personal year is to add your date of birth, the month and the day, break that down to a single digit and add that to the number 1 which is the number for 2017. For example, my personal year will be an 8. 9 + 16=25=7 +1=8. Then, just look up the number on the internet where there are thousands of articles on your personal year number.

The Magician card is numbered “ONE” in the Major Arcana. Humans invented language, words to interpret ideas, feelings, and symbols. Numbers are symbols. In the Tarot cards, we see the numbers as representing the inner you, a quality of energy within us or outside in the world of matter.  The number 1 represents the energies of fresh action, initiation, new ventures, new beginnings, pioneering or planting seeds. Usually, the imagery in the card is representative of the sacred masculine and features a male. There are new Tarot decks however with female imagery. But the gender of a magician is immaterial. The energy of the sacred masculine is within all of us as it is Creation itself.  The Magician card symbolizes bringing latent creativity into action.

One of the Magician´s hands is raised toward the sky while the other is pointed at earth. This speaks to us of channeling the power of the divine, the true essence of the card.  Humans are often “self-will run riot” and are often at a loss as to how to manifest the good in our lives. By opening ourselves to a power greater than ourselves we can receive the creative energy to transform our lives. We can then live connected to the reality of the Whole and not to the illusion of the separated self.  In the Way of the Shaman, the shaman opens him/herself up to a greater power. The word “magic” itself comes from the root word mage meaning to be able to have power, and so the shaman, wizard, or magician seeks the channel to bring about that power to serve himself and the greater community through the right use of will.

Often you will see the symbol of the “lemniscates” illuminated on top of his head. This is the symbol of infinity and represents the power, the charged energy of Spirit. The Fool is now learning how to bring in that Power.  The tools for life are placed on a table or are beside him.  The principles of life are in the form of Cups, the element of water (emotions and love); Swords, the element of air (mind and communications); Coins or Pentacles, the element of earth (matter, the body, work and money); and the Rods or Wands, the element of fire ( ambition, spirituality, enterprise and action). We learn from the Magician how to focus and manifest through connection to the divine and the use of the word as powerful potent energy and through the use of these tools, we create and transform.

Along with being the Magician of Creative Manifestation, this card evokes yet another archetype, the Trickster. In Native American mythology, he is known as the Coyote. Be careful with magic or have fun with it, to play the trickster can be both enlightening and damaging. We always work magic on ourselves and never on others. To have the power of creativity active in your life gives us the responsibility to change only ourselves and bring about the ultimate goal of self-realization.

Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Put on your cloak, pick up your wand and let’s go to work!

Blessing to all, Jean

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