Bali Deck

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The Bali Tarot Deck: The Major Arcana is as yet unpublished, due to the fact I am finishing the companion booklet to accompany the deck.  It was designed and created by me, Jean Kathleen Redman. I drew all the designs and their symbols. I created the color palette using Acrylic paints this was because the Balinese artist that I commission to paint my designs needed a great deal of translating from Bahasa into English.   I bought the supplies, the paints, paper, pens and brushes and visited the village, a hour from my home in Bali,  where Dewa lived almost on a weekly basis.  I commissioned a very talented Balinese artist, Dewa Suyasa, to paint my drawings/designs in the traditional Balinese style.  For the Tarot cards I followed the styling of Arthur Waite and Pamela Smith, the team that created the Ryder-Waite Deck in 1906.  I worked with Dewa in the same manner as Waite and Smith, he designed and instructed Pamela to paint the Major Arcana. I wanted every Tarot Reader to be able to read symbolism in the Bali Deck easily as most  Tarot readers study the RWS deck. The companion book  will weave the Balinese Mythology into the traditional Tarot card meanings. I also designed the Font of the deck as well, from ancient Balinese Sanskrit.  I worked with another Balinese, Ayra Sentanoe in Sanur, he was my photoshop editor.  

Paintings above, the first Tarot card is The Empress, known as Dewi Sri in Bali. The second card is the Hermit, known as  Nirantha , the first High Priest of Bali and one that created a Hermitage. The third card is The World, the Turtle symbolism at bottom with the two Snakes or Nagas is part of The Balinese cosmic cosmology of their world story.  

 I have read Tarot for 30 years becoming a professional in 1999.  I love to teach Tarot and other metaphysical subjects.  I also have a deep love for symbolism, it is the language of the Tarot. In 1976 I started to study the Shamanic Path and Animal Totems with Native American Shamans and animal symbolism is a language I speak daily. There is another website for The Bali Tarot Deck as a teaser site.  More images of the Deck are there.