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I offer many types of  Tarot consultations.  We can Skype video or sound and or a phone reading or email.  International Tarot consultations are welcomed. Download Skype for free its easy to use. $75 for one hour on Skype or phone readings.  Bookings are now on Saturday only and possible Friday afternoons. Email readings anyday.  I am on MST time, USA.  For international readings please email me to adjust times.     Please email me at to set up an appointment to read on Skype/phone. For email pricing and how to pay for readings please see below. 


I have lowered my ONE hour pricing from $125 to $75.00 for one hour. So many people need help right now and the economy is not booming. I want to be of service. 


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The three cards above are from my Bali Tarot deck, the Major Arcana and yet unpublished. I am looking for a publisher and or self-publish print on demand.

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Please email me at to set up an appointment. Please pay the day before the reading.   On Skype video or a phone reading and in person in Albuquerque New Mexico.


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Traditional Reading:   $75 for one hour or $40 for 30 minutes. Email readings please read the topic below. On any subject;  Love, business, career, spirituality, decision making of any kind, relationships. Please email me to book an appointment. (PS the first minutes we talk on Skype is a get together for energies and to create a sacred environment, and 10 minutes to close, these 15 minutes are not charged, so one hour and 15 minutes for your reading,  please plan on this extra time.

Quick Questions Answered:   This reading is generally for persons who have been working on themselves and already  know  the Tarot cards or other divination practices. You can have upwards to 10 questions. We move through the cards quickly, shuffling between each question.  Easy, practical and simplified technique. Please  have your questions written out and bring something to write on if you want to remember what I’ve said. In the future I am exploring how to record our sessions.

Language of the Heart: We speak recovery together in terms of addictions, 25 years of reading Tarot and working with addictions. Transformational Tarot, Step work.

In person or on  Skype: Tarot of Transformation: this is an insightful and powerful reading.  Offers two decks,  two different spreads to look at the energies of now and the another to ask about tools to work with in order to release the blocks or enhance your skills to facilitate change. 90 minutes. $115.00. Empowerment/Self-empowerment is the intention. 

Email readings: A 5 card spread is used.  Please pay first, then send me your question or questions.  The reading is completed within 24-48 hours. I will type out the reading while I channel the information from real cards in the spread. I create a peaceful sacred space and add a crystal for clarity.  I surround our energies with White/Golden  light of the divine.

I also offer in additional reading in the  email reading a 6 month forecast using your Astrology chart. I would need your birth data which is place of birth, time of birth, date of birth. $15.00.

Animal Totem Reading: Send me your birth data or if you had an animal dream.  Place of birth, time and date. Your full name at birth. Email reading: $30.00. Phone: I need the data first, book an appointment and we can discuss dreams of animals, sightings, relationships with animals. ( please see my Animal Totem article here on site under the link “Musings on Metaphysics) 

Dynamic Tarot Life Coaching in 4 sessions.  One hour to 1.5 hours per week for four consecutive weeks.  $320.00, pre-pay in full. Please see my blog for full information about this work.  Refundable half of payment after two sessions if you do not wish to continue.

How to book an appointment for a Tarot Reading. Please email me and we can set up a date and time.   Email any day within 24 to 48 hours I will let you know.   Animal Totem readings are offered by email only.

I also tend to go a bit over what minutes you booked, those minutes are on me no extra charge. I like to end with a clarification dialog or another spread. Could be another 15 minutes. Please make time for this if  you are on a short time please inform me before we start the reading.  My gift to you.

email to:

Please pay via the pay button below, it will take you to PayPal and you can use your Credit card, ATM card or PayPal money.

ONE hour Skype reading:  $75.00  via Skype/phone or in person. 1/2 hour Skype reading $40 and or phone. Phone readings are for the USA only.  

One and half hour Transformational Tarot:  $115.00 via Skype or in person. This is a in-depth approach to life using tools from the Tarot that you will benefit from daily. 

A one question via email is $22.00. Maximum Email questions: 2 for $35.00.  I ask for only two as it takes a long time to type out the reading.  ADD $15 for Astrology forecast for the next 6 months to be included. 

Thank you.

 I have read the Tarot since 1982 and starting teaching the Tarot in 1999. I am on Facebook, please come join me.

Jean’s Policy and Ethics

1) Confidentiality ~ your personal information and reading will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

2) Trust ~ what you share with me stays right here with us and I would never use your information to benefit me or another in any way. I will serve you in your best interest, neither will I intentionally harm you.

3) Non-judgment ~  I do not practice judgment and any information you bring to the reading is not seen in judgment. I treat you with equal respect regardless of race, creed, gender, age or sexual preference.

4) Empowerment ~ As a Tarot reader I want to empower you to make informed decisions, however, they are your answers and your decisions not mine.

I will not tell you what to do ~ I will often make suggestions and offer you a guiding path.  It is all up to you to do whatever you will.

5) Future Predictions ~ Of course that will happen as any Tarot reading is using the power of divination.  However, the reading is in the now, the present moment and all depends on you, your choices, and your changes to create your future destiny.

6) Reading about other people ~you will give me permission to read for you, however, I do not have permission to read about others. Invasion of boundaries is very important to me. I can help you however to phrase your question about your boy/girlfriend/boss/family/friend etc. so that the question is about your relationship to another.

7) A tarot reading does not diagnosis or treat health issues, nor will it or I offer you financial advice or mental health counseling.  I am trained in alternative medicine, over 28 years in sponsoring women and men through their drug/alcohol addictions,  35 years of Tarot readings, 20 years of Shamanic training, Aromatherapy training, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified in Past Life regression. Writer of Metaphysical articles for the New Age Newspaper in Albuquerque and for the John Edward website, Infinite Quest on Tarot. 

8) You must be 18 years or older to order a tarot reading. I do read for anyone under 18 years old with the parents’ permission. There are many children oriented Tarot decks published and I have years of experience in talking children’s lexicon. 

Also please visit my eBay store is I offer Animal Totem pendants, hand carved, Goddesses, Buddha,  Native American Shaman designs. Animal figurines are all hand carved in either deer shed antler or domestic bone.

Blessings, Jean

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