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Happy New Year!  The year 2017 is a Number One year, the Year of the Magician in the Tarot cards.

Goodbye, 2016! Welcome, 2017 a number 1 year! What a year 2016! For some it was magical, do you know anyone that had a great 2016, not many and if you did, good for you! For many, it was a horrible, challenging, dispiriting and downright sad year, one of saying goodbyes. In Numerology, 2016 was a Universal 9 year. Traditionally this energy brings completion, transformations, endings and selfless service. All numbers have a positive and a negative energy; this is the duality of life. It was a year of extremes as predicted by this number. The Number ONE year is new beginnings, new potentials, leadership, pioneering into new frontiers, pushing hard and or making progress. The energy of a one is the planting of new seed thoughts, high energy which can also be confrontational, crude and insensitive like a bull in a china shop. To push forward requires courage and wisdom. May you be granted these qualities in 2017 and may you be blessed with serenity along the way.
Your personal year is what you will look at for this year’s blessings and challenges. How to determine your personal year is to add your date of birth, the month and the day, break that down to a single digit and add that to the number 1 which is the number for 2017. For example, my personal year will be an 8. 9 + 16=25=7 +1=8. Then, just look up the number on the internet where there are thousands of articles on your personal year number.

The Magician card is numbered “ONE” in the Major Arcana. Humans invented language, words to interpret ideas, feelings, and symbols. Numbers are symbols. In the Tarot cards, we see the numbers as representing the inner you, a quality of energy within us or outside in the world of matter.  The number 1 represents the energies of fresh action, initiation, new ventures, new beginnings, pioneering or planting seeds. Usually, the imagery in the card is representative of the sacred masculine and features a male. There are new Tarot decks however with female imagery. But the gender of a magician is immaterial. The energy of the sacred masculine is within all of us as it is Creation itself.  The Magician card symbolizes bringing latent creativity into action.

One of the Magician´s hands is raised toward the sky while the other is pointed at earth. This speaks to us of channeling the power of the divine, the true essence of the card.  Humans are often “self-will run riot” and are often at a loss as to how to manifest the good in our lives. By opening ourselves to a power greater than ourselves we can receive the creative energy to transform our lives. We can then live connected to the reality of the Whole and not to the illusion of the separated self.  In the Way of the Shaman, the shaman opens him/herself up to a greater power. The word “magic” itself comes from the root word mage meaning to be able to have power, and so the shaman, wizard, or magician seeks the channel to bring about that power to serve himself and the greater community through the right use of will.

Often you will see the symbol of the “lemniscates” illuminated on top of his head. This is the symbol of infinity and represents the power, the charged energy of Spirit. The Fool is now learning how to bring in that Power.  The tools for life are placed on a table or are beside him.  The principles of life are in the form of Cups, the element of water (emotions and love); Swords, the element of air (mind and communications); Coins or Pentacles, the element of earth (matter, the body, work and money); and the Rods or Wands, the element of fire ( ambition, spirituality, enterprise and action). We learn from the Magician how to focus and manifest through connection to the divine and the use of the word as powerful potent energy and through the use of these tools, we create and transform.

Along with being the Magician of Creative Manifestation, this card evokes yet another archetype, the Trickster. In Native American mythology, he is known as the Coyote. Be careful with magic or have fun with it, to play the trickster can be both enlightening and damaging. We always work magic on ourselves and never on others. To have the power of creativity active in your life gives us the responsibility to change only ourselves and bring about the ultimate goal of self-realization.

Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Put on your cloak, pick up your wand and let’s go to work!

Blessing to all, Jean

Archetypal ART and the Knight of Swords



Archetypal ART: Carl Jung coined the term “archetypal” he drew this term from studying and working with the unconscious realm of existence.  Jung studied the Tarot and in his research he believed that archetypal art can symbolize the unconscious knowledge.  This unconscious knowledge is really what the Major Arcana stands for, the hidden secrets or our unconscious knowledge.  The symbols in Tarot art are very important to the message the cards reveal and the personal and impersonal psyche will determine the meaning and or message that is meant to be delivered.  Now the term the unconscious mind is said to be expressed in humanity, it manifests in all life forms within the nervous systems. It describes how this structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience.  Our own intuition or our personal reservoir of personal experiences is unique to each individual, this is different from the collective unconscious which collects and organizes knowledge with each member of a particular species.  In reading tarot we discern the relevance and look for the relationships in the cards so that we can integrate into our life and or lifestyle. The Minor Arcana is also rich in symbols and understanding those symbols is essential to a clear interpretation. For instance, a river to me may symbolize a journey, either physical or spiritual and a river to you may mean danger and or the depth of sorrow or cleansing and healing which both would be correct.  I believe that the study of symbolism in art is one of the requirements to increase my ability to see the hidden knowledge of the Tarot so rich in symbolism. Dream work is also imbued with symbols, study dreams and you will know your unconscious which is your own archetypal art.

The Knight of Swords.  This is a Minor Arcana card.  I was thinking of doing a 78 card deck, but was called to create the Major’s and not the Minors. However, I did draw and commission two minors. This is one of them.  Swords represent the mind, the mental plane of consciousness.  I like to see peak energy here and the brilliant idea comes or you are lit up in a cherry and dancing mood.  For some the Knight of Swords brings troubled times, thus the clouds forming in the background among a darker sky.  Some see an opinionated, impulse driven person in your area of energy.  All interpretation for me is based on relationship to the other cards in a spread.  This card depicts the Balinese “Baris” dancer.  This dance is of a young warrior and portrays his feelings prior to battle.  It glorifies manhood and his confidence and commanding presence. There are thirty different types of Baris dances, and this one is one in which you often see at weddings or family events and is considered non-ritual, although to me it is highly ritual. I have seen a 13 year old perform this dance, it is the first dance that young boys learn.

When he, the Baris dancer, first comes on the stage the dancer’s movements are slow, studied, careful and precise in his feet, his hands and his whole body. His eyes flit as if he is seeking out the unseen foe and is in an unfamiliar place. When he moves to center state his slowness starts to speed up as his confidence becomes that of a self-assured warrior as he rises up on his toes like a ballerina to his full manhood, his stature as a warrior. His body is absolute still, his legs and arms subtly shake and then he turns fast around on one leg and his feet move quickly to the beat of the gamelan orchestra as his face portrays the storm of passions and the quickening of the temper as only a warrior must have.

The Archetype of this art is that of a warrior, masculine energy, (this includes women we all have both the divine feminine and masculine energy). With everything lost, the warrior rides over the hill and saves the day!  Tough, courageous, the warrior will help us to come up with a brilliant idea, to set goals and achieved them, to move forward quickly thus alleviating the sloth in oneself, courage, discernment, bring meaning to what you do and to win over the shadow self that seeks to destroy us.  The light of the Sword cutting through the illusions that we project outward into our reality.  Like all cards each one has its opposite, its duality. The Knight of Swords can be bad person, who uses Warrior skills for personal gain, greedy to the max without thought of morality, ethics, which was the archetype of the Wolf of Wall Street. Often this type does not see or care about the good of the whole group, although he/she will convince you that they do care.  This duality operates as one who will compromise all principles to get what they want, stormy clouds indeed!



How We Handle Disillusionment Defines How We Move Forward.

The Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is usually seen in a reading as reaching a positive point in one’s life, the meaning of the image is that you have met a goal in life, you have fulfilled your dream in the material world, such as a career, a house, and money and or health, the physical body as pentacles represents the earthly realm.  This can be a manifestation of a project or creative venture, although it is not yet complete. The message of the card is of encouragement, letting you know you have all the skills to achieve your dream.  It is a very good omen in all things as you are appreciated, if you are looking for a promotion, you will get it, if for love it means you are seen in a very positive light, in a project the concept is a winning one keep plugging along.

When this card falls into a position in a spread that represents secrets, something the mind does not know and or something someone is not telling you this can bode that the feeling of disillusionment is present.  One of my tools in reading tarot is to ask a question, what am I disillusioned about? How can I move out of being disillusioned?  Or for instance any Tarot card like the Death, I would ask what needs to die in order to move on?

Disillusionment is the feeling that goes with the loss of the illusion.  Yes, nothing is guaranteed in this life, for instance you can work and build toward a future and that future reality falls apart upon reaching the goal.  The game of life shifts.  Accepting that life is suffering and not wallowing in self-pity, known as the great self-pity party, the victim’s birthday party will help in moving out of disillusionment and into the light.  By acknowledging that I am disillusioned, becoming aware through the Tarot cards and by taking steps to transcend this feeling will bring the Three of Pentacles card into full manifestation of positive energy of forward motion, trusting the process is right and good.  Disillusionment will stop you in your tracks and block your resolve, your passion, your vibrant energy that pours forth into your project, career, job and physical body, or a writing project.   The first step to clear the path is to focus and clear the mind. I cannot change the world or what is, I can change myself. I can listen and be the witness to my mind.  When self-pity of being disillusioned comes into my conscious I can replace that thought with love, love of self, love of the world and all that is given to us so freely.  With patience and endurance, I can lift the veil of darkness that descends when the mind turns it focus on the negative.  Learning to not participate in the minds struggle will go a long way in lifting with faith the gray cloud of disillusionment that settles over self and life itself.  Mediation helps, talking to your mentor, friend and contemplation are the keys to moving into a renewed sense of purpose and being. ©Jean K. Redman (the first card is from Eric C Dunn’s deck, Tarot Illuminati, the second from the classic, 1906 deck the Rider-Waite Tarot)



The Full Moon, October 16, 2016. Debut of The Moon card in the Bali Tarot Deck.

The Full Moon, October 16, 2016.  Debut of The Moon card in the Bali Tarot Deck.



Autumn is here and the releasing time of letting go is upon us.  We are moving towards the parting of the veil the perceived separation of the material plane and the ethereal plane, the approaching Day of the Dead, All Hollows Eve, Samhain, Halloween and All Saints Day. We can notice distinctly the dark and light of the season the balancing of the light.  Along with the leaves beautifully turning gold’s and reds we notice the falling of the leaves showing us the impermanence of life. Natures cycles mirrored in our life.

Nothing mirrors it better than the Full Moon as it brings light to our world, lighting up the dark night and often plunging us into fear and darkness.  Today is the Full Moon in the USA and I thought it was time to release my MOON Tarot Card, which is the first time of unveiling to the public.  Autumn brings darkness ahead, the winter season and humanity has a known fear of the dark.  I love this story by Gary Thorp, a Buddhist who wrote “Caught by the Fading Light” this is a teaching story about accepting all situations where we are left in the dark without the answers.

“Once, when the Zen master Tokusan was still a student, he visited his teacher, Ryutan, just before sundown. They sat on the floor of Ryutan’s hut, casually drinking tea and discussing Zen until deep into the night. At last, Ryutan said, ‘Maybe it’s about time you went home.’ Tokusan bowed to his teacher and walked to the door. ‘It’s completely dark outside,’ he said. Ryutan lit the lantern and said, ‘Why not take this?’ Just as Tokusan was about to take the lamp from his teacher’s hands, Ryutan blew out the flame. Tokusan suddenly knew everything there was to know.”

The Bali Tarot cards are based on the mythology of the Balinese and the 500 year old system of self-discovery, the Tarot cards the Major Arcana. Here is the description of the art, the pictorial image of the card.

The Goddess Dewi Ratih, Goddess of the moon is being eaten by the demon Kala Rau in this famous myth of Bali. Kala Rau stole the elixir “Tirta Amertha” that bestows immortality which is meant only for the Gods. Dewi Ratih told the God Dewi Wisnu (Vishnu) and he swiftly threw his magical discus and cut off the head of Kala Rau. However, it was a minute too late as the potion had reached his throat, thus his head became immortal. Kala Rau was enraged and chases Dewi Ratih at night all across the heavens; he gets his dark revenge every now and then and is seen as a bodiless head eating the Goddess, thus causing a lunar eclipse. The two statues seen outside the gloomy part of the temple are Rangda, the Goddess Durga.  In Balinese mythology, she is seen as the Hindu Goddess of destruction and transformation, the mother. In Bali she is the legendary layak a Witch with magical occult capabilities. She is now the ultimate villain and arch enemy of Bali’s protector, the Barong. Durga is greatly loved in Bali and honored for they are able to see the natural balance of all dualistic opposites. The path inside the temple leads to light, outside its dark but the light of the Moon according to the Balinese is honored every full moon with all 23,000 Temples in ceremony of gratitude for the light that the moon brought to their darkness.  Thus the Moon may illuminate your fears and plunge you into the darkness, however with the fortitude of Dewi Ratih, the Goddess you can come back into the light.

The Tarot card, The Moon is dualistic in nature as all the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot are seen.  One may see this as the Moon is visibly seen as upside down in one part of our planet and upright in the other hemisphere. Thus the positive and negative meaning of this card is both, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative in upright as well as reversed.  The moon asks you to pay close attention to your dreams, write them down as messages are coming through for you. Your psychic or intuitive is awakened at this time, use it wisely, and learn from what you perceive. The creative aspect is heightened and you are inspired to manifest that creativity into form. Do you feel like someone is keeping a secret from you? Is your inner light lit and you still you cannot find your way and now it feels dark and fear looms inside of your head? Do you have an underlying anxiety, the fears of doom and gloom, of being gobbled up by life? Perhaps this is an illusion and you cannot see as you are unsure and confused. Your emotions are on a roller coaster ride, moving passive and or aggressively like the tides. Change will happen by the next cycle of the moon, within 30 days. Is the better part of yourself being eclipsed by your shadow self? Is your sexual libido over active? Do you live in a fantasy world, seeking to escape reality?

The Moon card is visionary, artistic, illusions, genius, madness and poetry.  In the darkness it is seen as scary, in the light as magic and illumination.  Like the Zen story teaches us, we are not left in the dark without the answers.

Blessings to all on this Full Moon.






The Hermit 2016

2016 is a Universal Number 9 year in Numerology the energy of numbers.   (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). A 9 Year is about completion, finishing up your major projects, contracts left undone, fulfillment resulting in your hard work, accomplishment.  In the energy of numbers it is the end of a cycle and we start all over again in 2017.

In Tarot a 9 year is said to be the year of the Hermit.  Here is my Hermit card from The Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana, unpublished.  This is an excerpt from my book on the card.

copywrite9The Hermit IX

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.  There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.  Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Keywords positive attributes:  Inner wisdom through quite meditation and reflection. The Mystic. Seeking refuge from the chaos or problems in life. Inner contemplation.  The light will guide us to a new awareness. The stars shall guide you. The light of the moon shines a new awakening of consciousness.  Illumination.  A new faith and new hope.  Discover your own inner spark and wisdom.  Retreat, the art of solitude. Patience. Self-realization, self awareness. The search for truth. Individuation. Discovery. The hidden light within.  Inner unity.  Aloneness is strength through insight. Spiritual wisdom. Silence.

Keywords negative attributes:  Self-isolation. Loneliness. Feelings of separation and rejection. Too busy in the outer world, stressed out. Doing life in your own way cutting others off from helping you with good advice. Having difficulty shedding light on your problems. A teacher, guru not to be trusted. Miserly actions, a “Scrooge personality”. No light at the end of the tunnel, feelings of being in the dark. Not being able to focus, perhaps some mental problems. Fear.

Description:  Here we see the Balinese High Priest, Danghyang Nirartha, also known as Pedanda Wawuh Rauh, a Siwa-Buddhist, who came to Bali in 1537 to become  King Waturenggongs (see The King card) High Priest. Nirartha established a Hermitage in Mas, Bali and created many temples that stand today as “special energy” temples. Nirantha often traveled throughout Bali to teach and perform rituals such as death, soul purification, weddings, pregnancy, birth and maturity through the Siwa practices, today the Siwa cult is strong among the High Priests.  Nirartha is regarded as the lineage holder of the High Priests, in fact the father of  the Brahmin castes who are by birth qualified to become High Priests and Priestesses. High Priests are normally aloof from the population and alone in their studies and ritual practices on a daily basis. When one needs to have a special ritual performed of the highest order, a High Priest will be called upon as only a High Priest has the knowledge the secret inner wisdom that is necessary. The lamp at the right front is a banana leaf with oil, called a Damar sentir, damar means lamp and sentir means small red light, it is the ancient traditional lamp of the Balinese. Today it is carried in processional rituals, especially on Nyepi, Balinese New Year night. The White opened Lotus signifies the light of enlightenment in Buddhist and Hindu religions. The Owl is white and represents ancient higher wisdom. The Stars light the way, the Full Moon called Purnama is honored every month in Bali by Temple ceremonials  and or family temple offerings. The Full Moon represents the light that shines to illuminate the darkness not only the dark night, but the darkness within one’s soul.

The Tarot card, Judgment: create change or taking a new risk

To all my friends who are looking to create change or taking a new risk or anything that you think will enhance your life.


Think on this. The Judgment card from my Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana.

20THe JudgementCW  XX

In the sky you see the image of Krishna playing the divine flute. Krishna’s flute brings the energy of past times, and we are attracted to the music and long to know the divine message or knowledge it brings. Once we perceive the knowledge we lose our self our ego. The Ego can stand in the way blocking you towards change. The “backs” of the praying Balinese people are symbolic to our past, our sins perhaps, to signify that we need to look at our past  in order to forgive self and others so that we may move across the chasm of the ego and open ourselves to the change, which is the music or the call to new opportunities that are being presented to us. (“One must understand Krishna to understand the power and magic of his flute’s tune. Though it is presented on this Earth, it was created for Krishna’s abode, so there are strings attached to the pastime. The frequently offered explanation is that all living creatures stilled by the captivating tune of Krishna’s flute are his companions of past times, scholars and sages who are interested in the Vedic knowledge that flows through the tune of his flute. To perceive that knowledge, one must be so absorbed in the music that he must, essentially, lose his self.” M. Hiremath.)

What is going against you; blocking you?

The Tarot card, Judgment:

There is fear in the way and it is blocking you from taking the chance or the ability to be open to new possibilities and if you allow the ego fear to do that you will lose out.  This is a new opportunity that is presented to you, be it a new job, a new relationship, or perhaps a decision this may change your life for the better. Move through your fear with courage, just do it at this time it is vital to feel the fear. Yes, the outcome of this movement may be in the future and you will not see the direct results right away however this card tells us to be pro-active now. Listen to the message, its calling you.

If you allow fear to stop you from taking a chance or a new possibility then you will lose out. Do not ignore the new opportunities being presented to you – a decision, new job or relationship could change your life for the better. Do not refuse change when change at this time is vital – feel the fear and do it anyway. Outcomes may well be delayed; however this is a time for positive action and not passiveness.

Go for it! Blessings, Jean

After a tough year I ask “How can I purposely have fun?”

After a tough year I ask “How can I purposely have fun?”

Are you too serious?  I look at myself and I want self-transformation. I have spoken about this desire to those that I am close to, about wanting to change and then I am told to dive and dig into the 12 steps, to re-work them.  As a spiritual seeker for 50 years I have used many different modalities of working with self. Another way through the process of self –examination may be with the study of the psychology of self, either the cognitive or the conative which is a part of the mental life, which has to do with striving, including desire and volition. Working with a therapist is one way; in 2013 I took a year journey working the 12 steps with a therapist weekly.  Then there is the affective representation of one’s identity or the subject of experience, which is also known as seeking the authentic self.  The seeking of the “Authentic” self was big in my world around the early 70’s and I went to many 3 day and weeklong retreats, seminars, conferences, workshops, hermitages, meditation retreats and lots of alone time for the last 40 years. I found that all my books that I was reading were on spiritual subjects, none for fun and I changed that many years ago. I then started taking vacations that were for pure pleasure and not the spiritually attuned workshops or finding your bliss workshops and that change created joy in my life. I think that along with the spiritual seeking consciousness and political ranting and the survival energies of many that this energy that which we are creating has created non-joy among many, including myself.

I love that I have been involved in this conscious self transformation for 40 or so years, the self that seeks self-awareness, self-esteem, self-knowledge and self-perception. These have brought about change and modified the negative aspects of myself and hopefully enhance the positive side of me and allowed the shadow part to be at peace. However, I have lost a certain part of myself in all of this meditation seriousness. My sense of humor where I laughed easily and heartily appears to have diminished in all this clarity of perception of my personality, my strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and emotions. I can help others in my Tarot practice and after 29 years of being of service to one organization that literally saves lives, this self-examination is important.  However laughter has been fleeting in these last 4 years for me. The spontaneous joy of not one laugh but hours of belly laughing or the smiling happiness of joy all day long has been sadly missing in my own life on a daily basis. Yes, I have had supreme moments of laughter, fun and happiness this year, for instance at my Nieces wedding. However I think I have forgotten to be silly to really just let go…yes…downright crazy silly.  I use to dress up in costume and I was not going to a costume party, I was just stepping out at night in costume for dinner, just for fun.  The other day, a friend visited.  I was sitting on the couch cracking up, tears rolling down my eyes and I wondered where did all my outrageous silliness go? I thought well one of the most persistent criticisms of religious and spiritual people is that they take themselves too seriously. Yes, life can be very serious, very sad, and full of grief. The world has been full of grief this year with the earthquake of Kathmandu, the Chilean volcano, the Baltimore riot, floods around the world, typhoons, disasters, political upheaval in the USA and well just life as we know it globally.

You might have had a tough year, illness perhaps, no job, relationship break up, financial disaster, depression et al.   So…I ask you…when did you laugh till tears ran down your face? Have you dressed up in costume like a child recently and gone out shopping or to have a drink? Do you blow bubbles? Have you danced erotically in a dance club by yourself? Do we need to be reminded to be playful, then perhaps we all should go see a clown, they reflect our foibles and follies back to us. If there is no clown or circus in town, then you can create the silly fun.  Purposely try to have fun. I once read that Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God. One way to ask how to create or bring back laughter in my life is to ask the Tarot cards.

How can I purposely have fun?

  • Three card Spread:

First card Position is the essences of the question and how to proceed. The card is the 6 of Wands. Celebrate. Act as if you already victorious and do it in public. Walk proud, hold your head up high. Be aware of your body positions, shoulder back, head held high, superhero poses.  This will harness your strengths and give you a high level of confidence. Have faith.


Second Position what you need to do to activate laughter and joy. The Queen of Swords. She is the idea Goddess, the mind.  She can be a friend of yours or yourself. (I thought of my sister when reading this, she is an Aquarian, an air sign and swords represent the element of air). I also thought of getting my mind out the way, too much thinking, too much trying to come up with a solution to what is going on in my life right now. Emotions are certainly the gateway to opening up joy and laughter, what better way for me to do that but to invite my sister out for lunch.  She is funny and the two of us can really laugh.  So I did. Stop thinking and feel.


Third position the outcome of what will transpire if I take the action of the middle card. The Ace of Swords.  A new beginning, not afraid to take a leap and with laughter I might be able to relax and let go of an old belief system which has not worked for me for some time or it may be trying a different tactic toward my goals.


There are millions of combinations, the cards could of said, take a trip, go to a movie a event, exercise, be a fool or go see a clown, go out with your family, take a boat trip, go fishing, play music, gather three best friends together, make love, plant a garden, dance erotically or take up belly dancing, take a horse ride, adopt a animal, etc. etc.

What happened? I invited my sister out to the country, some 40 minutes from where she lives. I made soup and sandwiches, a new soup recipe.  We ate with my roommate and he then left us to talk. We talked, oh so serious and then she suggested we play cards. I had been longing to play cards and had not thought of it, to play with her. We played for hours and laughed till we fell off the chair and we laughed till we cried and we laughed till we could hardly catch our breath. We were laughing at ourselves.  My roommate heard this joy and laughter and said it helped him to hear it. We invited him to play cards, he does not like cards and declined, but he said the joy and laughter wow for him that was so refreshing to hear.  Just taking the afternoon off, from noon to 4pm was all it took to change me around to a new approach to my problem. Later I thought that I am going about finding my solution in all the wrong places and I refocused my mind toward other goals. I have been a lot happier since then and I laugh more and wake up with more joy in my heart. I can count on The Tarot cards, they always show the way.  I leave you with this.

“Laughter,” theologian Karl Barth reminded us, “is the closest thing to the grace of God.” Keep that in mind the next time you chuckle, hear a blooper, take a pratfall, or plan a party. The first and last word belong to God and therefore not to death but life, not to sorrow but joy, not to weeping but laughter. For surely it is God who has the last laugh.”

I now offer Tarot readings 7 days a week. Please email me at to see up a reading and please read the tab, “Book a Reading”. Blessings,  Jean




W14Art XIV

Today the Moon is in Sagittarius, September 20, 2015. The Tarot card “Temperance” is associated with the sign of Sagittarius. I and other Tarot Deck creators have changed the title of the card to “ART” is seen here in my Bali Tarot Deck (unpublished) as Dewi Saraswati, the Art of the Alchemy of Divine Creativity. The Moon it is said in Astrology is one of the most powerful daily aspects in our lives. It affects our moods and emotions which can bring positive or negative energy to the day. The Moon’s position in the stars can affect our collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life. The Moon shifts quite rapidly between the constellations and so today Magic is afoot. The Moon in Sagittarius can surprise and shock you the unexpected and thus it may feel almost Magical. For some who have suffered for the last three years of life, Saturn in Sagittarius also brings transformation and this may turn you around. A refreshing new feeling may come about as destiny magically turns the corner. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. “Here the Fool meets the Goddess Dewi Saraswati one of the most revered Balinese Deities, a Hindu Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, writing, art, music, healing and beauty. She is seen here mixing fire and water. Dewi Saraswati is a messenger from the heavens who is creating a ritual of Magic, which the Balinese culture is so well known for in its daily ceremonials and rituals. We know that fire and water do not mix and therefore we are asked to suspend our beliefs to allow this magic of alchemy, of transformation to occur within us as we are asking the ego to step aside and allow consciousness to be brought about. It takes patience to change, to see what is not connected, and to allow the creative spirit to descend so that we may see relationships where there have been none before. This is the very art of sacred alchemy, the blending of two to create three, the creation of the art of divinity.” Jean Redman May Magic be blended today for your happiness and joy of life and may we have the patience to know faith. Meditate/Contemplate on this Tarot card for today.

Letting Go: The Hanged Man Shows us the Way

12The Hanged man XIIcw

Why must we live a life of Letting Go?  I am so tired of Letting Go and yet to find any peace or happiness I must Let Go.  The Hanged man Tarot card tells us to put on a new pair of glasses, to see the world in a different view or way.  He/she becomes enlightened to a new consciousness upon doing this.  The Card of ultimate Surrender.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
― Joseph Campbell

Below are some suggestions on letting go I learned from a woman who writes a blog. Sumitha Bhandarkar on the website Tiny Buddha. The Tarot Hanged Man is my design, The Bali Tarot Deck, yet unpublished.


“1. Let go of trying to control everything.

The only thing that we can truly control is our own attitude and reactions. Once we accept that, we can find happiness right where we are, irrespective of how things turn out. This was perhaps the hardest but the most necessary part of the transformation for me.

  1. Let go of trying to please everyone.

Every time we pretend to be someone, it takes us away from our true selves, and from our place of happiness. It was hard at first to stop trying to please others. Eventually I realized how liberating it was to dare to be myself!

  1. Let go of the sense of entitlement.

I often found myself asking “Why me?” It was hard to replace that with “Why not?” After all, everyone gets their share of joys and sorrows; why should I somehow be above it and deserve only the joys?

  1. Let go of resentment.

Unless we walk in the shoes of the other, we really don’t know the reason for their behavior. Carrying resentment only hurts us and delays any repair. I cannot tell you how amazing it’s been to let go of some of the resentment I didn’t even know I’d been carrying for years!

  1. Let go of guilt. 

On the flip side, if we are the ones who made a mistake, it is time to forgive ourselves and make amends. “I’m sorry. How can I fix it?” can go a long way in starting the healing process.

  1. Let go of pride. 

Neither apology nor is forgiveness possible without letting go of pride. Nor is there room for authentic connection where pride resides. Let it go.

  1. Let go of perfectionism. 

If I had a dime for every opportunity I squandered in the quest for perfection, I’d be rich! But no one can be perfect all the time. That’s what makes us humans. We are quirky. We have flaws. We are beautiful just the way we are.

  1. Let go of negativity.

In any given situation we have a choice—look at what’s good and be grateful, or look at what’s wrong and complain. Deliberately adopting the attitude of gratitude literally changed the course of my life.

  1. Let go of negative people.

We are the average of the people we hang out with, and if they are negative, it becomes hard for us to maintain the attitude of gratitude. It’s been a tough call to distance myself from the negative people in my life, but it was necessary to move on.

  1. Let go of the busyness.

Somewhere along the way, many of us have bought into the notion that the busier we are and the more we achieve, the happier we will be. After thirty-five years, I’ve come to realize that busyness does not equal happiness.

  1. Let go of the attachment to money.

Money is definitely good to have, but once our basic needs and savings goals are met, it’s time to evaluate the tradeoff of earning more and more. Letting go of the need for money just for the sake of it has been a very hard but fulfilling experience for me.

  1. Let go of the fear of failure. 

Everybody who tries anything worthwhile fails at some point or the other. Failure does not mean we are broken. It simply means we are courageous to dare! Easier said than done, but I’m trying.

  1. Let go of the fear of abandonment. 

Fundamentally, we all crave for connection. But when fear of abandonment starts to rule our lives we make very irrational choices. I try to trust that what is meant to be will happen. And no matter how things turn out, we’ll come out of it okay.

  1. Let go of comparison.

We usually only get to see the highlights reel of other’s lives. Comparing my behind-the-scenes to that has only made me unhappy in the past. It’s time for change.

  1. Let go of expectations.

In the end, the core of all my issues was that I expected things to be a certain way. I expected what a good spouse or a friend ought to act like. I expected my daughter to behave a certain way. I expected how situations should turn out. Heck, I even had fixed expectations of what happiness was! Letting go of expectations has helped everything else start to fall in place.

  1. Let go of yesterday and tomorrow.

And finally, how can we find true happiness if we are saddled down by the baggage of the past or fear of the future? Once I learned to let go of some of the above, I started to focus deliberately on today and now. Suddenly, music and beauty emerged from what was previously mundane. Is there a better way to find true happiness?

Letting go of something that is ingrained in our minds for years is hard. In my experience, even when I do manage to let go of something some of the time, at other times, it comes right back. In the end, it’s the journey that matters, right?

So, what will you let go of today? “

Is the Mystic within guiding you? A Mystical Tarot Consultation.



Is the Mystic within guiding you? A Mystical Tarot Consultation.

Why one would seek out a Tarot Reading? You might be at a directional point in life, not knowing which way to turn or it has been suggested to you and you accept that change is in order; however, you don’t know what or how to change.

Tarot decks have used the name “Mystic” in many decks and so I ask what a Mystic is? Are you a Mystic? What card in the Tarot Major Arcana is the Mystic? Is it the High Priestess? The Hermit? The Star?

A mystic for me is a person who sees the divine in every aspect of life, thus the Tarot reading is seeing into the divine and that is why the reading is called, divination. One aspect of the mystic is that she/he is dedicated to serving others and guides people.  A Mystic has a high level of Intuition and it comes naturally from within and they also value others intuition. A Mystic is awakened to their calling. Personal experience for them is more important than doctrine. They want a personal connection to the divine, the Tao, Universe, Goddess/God in whatever they seek. They also tend to want to hear about other’s experiences as a directional reference point. One aspect about Mystics is that they are great researchers of life and into the spiritual world.  They ask the questions of who am I, where did I come from, what is reality or the nature of personal reality, what is my purpose and what is the universe. They are neutrally curious to grasp and understand our world and the spiritual world which for them is one world. One important aspect is that they are uncomfortable with religious and spiritual hierarchies and are often known as spiritual rebels.

Mystics know what it is to have power or to be empowered. A mystic believes that the power of love comes through you and you channel that from all things, as all things are divine. Mystics see themselves as one wave in the ocean of wisdom of existences. They know that they are a magnet of this power, a conduit and not the source.  They themselves are powerless, and accept that the connectivity is everyone and everything. A mystic believes in awareness and that all external realities, rituals, spiritual practices and in this case for me, Tarot readings are meant to trigger internal insights and transformation.

Calling on the Mystic within can be accomplished by asking the Tarot for guidance.  You are the oracle, the mystic and you are the seeker of divine direction. The Tarot can show you the strings of life, the web of all things and how it is connected to the significance of your life and the lives of others. It is important to know that the universe is mysterious and we may not know everything and won’t know so that we stay humble this way and can be open to faith and trust in the divine plans for us.  Absolute knowing may not be in the cards, the Tarot will not show you everything, it leaves life mysterious. However, we can be guided in to the next step, the path to the probable future and we are shown the signs, the symbols of life that guide us.

Through the Tarot, I see the awareness of nature and the rhythms of life, the symbolism that speaks to me in the language of the Spirit.

Asking the Tarot for divine guidance is in itself an act of the Mystic.  Are you ready to become your own Mystic? The answers are within and through my Mystical Tarot Consultation can open the door to your inner awareness.

The Mystical Tarot consultation is offered through phone or Skype. One hour $75.  I am open to read on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays. Phone readings are offered only in the USA. On Skype we can video or by sound. In some International countries Skype is not great with Video, so we can use the microphone and sound for the reading. Skype is computer to computer and you can download it for free. Book the reading through the TAB, Book a Reading. I look forward to speaking with you. Until then..May you be surrounded and protected by the White Light of the Christ Consciousness. Blessings, Jean

The Tarot card “The Star” is from the Goddess Tarot deck, “The Affirmations of the Everyday Goddess: by Pamela Wells, it is the Major Arcana of the Tarot.