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Full Moon in Virgo March 5, 2015

W2the high Priestess II

Full Moon in Virgo on March 5th, 2015

How can you channel this energy for your own good?  Virgo Full Moon. ” The word “virgo” is Latin, means “self-contained” which is for us is better interpreted as “self-sufficient”. In astrology, those born under the sign of Virgo are said to behave in an individualistic, self-sufficient manner. Their nurturing comes from a place of not needing others to find fulfillment for them, but being able to create for others because they can already create for themselves.”  In Virgo mythology the Goddess was associated with the harvest and fertility. Thus not only to nurture your body but your mind. You can also be of service as the caretaker of humanity through fertility, the fertility of giving of sustenance, food, education, spiritual food for the soul, a yoga instructor would give that to the body.

The feminine moon calls you to nurture yourself, be of yourself and harness this full potential during this Moon. Virgo is all about discernment, she was often represented as Justice, with scales in mythology, such as Astraea from Greek Mythology or Erigone (Roman mythology) and that has turned into the energy of discernment.  Discernment is noted right now with the Full Moon being in Virgo it bodes you to look at the shadow self, The Devil Card in Tarot.  Know that you can free yourself of your own self-bondage. The power of the Full Moon is the right energy and time to heal this emotional wound.

Blessings, Jean ( to book a Tarot reading, please go to the Tab: Book a Reading) thank you.

Tarot Cards Justice or Strength the Number 8 year

11justice XICWW8Strength VII

Tarot Cards Justice or Strength the Number 8 year

The Conundrum. In this year, a number 8 year in numerology, 2015=8, the question would be in Tarot, is this the Year of the card Strength or Justice?  This can be confusing for Tarot students and readers.   Some decks such as RWS have the cards numbered differently then say The Thoth Deck.  For the Rider/Waite/Smith deck, the creator Arthur Waite was criticized for switching the cards in his deck and he did so that it aligned astrologically rather than numerological.  He switched the number 11 which was Strength into the Number 8 position which was originally the Justice card.   The Major Arcana is the journey of the Fool or a soul’s consciousness.  Both placements of the Justice in number 8 and the Strength in number 8 makes sense in a metaphysical  view point of the three phases of the material plane, the mind plane and the spiritual plane of consciousness.  This is the Fools journey.   As he reaches the Lovers card he chooses to go for growth and individuation which he achieves in the Chariot. Then the Mind plane comes into play and the Fool balances his knowledge of his inner and outer self with Justice and then proceeds to look inward for more wisdom in the Hermit.  In the other scenario he tames his inner beast in the Strength card that leads him to go inward with the Hermit card. This wisdom/knowledge then creates an understanding of the nature of the world with the Wheel, leading him to create the balance and harmony within him in Justice, number 11.   Justice is about balance within and without, so it is with the number 8 in numerology.  However the number 8 Strength card is also about inner balance and power, courage and inner strength which is also the number 8’s energy.  Strength brings high and lower consciousness into perfect balance through the purity in your heart.  Justice brings balance through the mind and intellect.  In the spiritual divinatory meaning Justice brings the need for clarity of mind, of impartial judgment and a balanced intellect, to be fair to yourself and others.  Strength’s divinatory meaning brings the need for courage, inner strength, self-discipline, humility and the potential for moral victory and mastery of life, success in other words.

What energy do you need this year, Strength through the heart or Justice through the mind?

I offer readings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, please find the information that you need on my Book a Reading page.  Blessings to all, Jean 

The Two paintings of the Justice Card and the Strength card are from my unpublished Bali Tarot Deck, the Major Arcana.  The image in the Justice card is taken from a historical photo of the real justices of Bali in the Court of the King of Klungkung.  The building is the ancient Bali Kerta Gosa located in Klungkung Regency and use as justice court palace  it was built around 1686.  I added the scales of Justice, which did not exist at this time in Bali. The sticks were banged on the floor in count of numbers to the terms of the sentence.  The paintings you see behind the Justices is the Astrology symbolism of the Balinese and the sentences of an ancient culture. The paintings are a series of stories that take on the key themes, namely Swargarokanaparwa and parwa Bima Swarga a guide punishment Karma Phala (result of the good-bad deeds performed during a human lifetime) and the re-incarnation into the world because of the deeds and sin – sin.  There are 6 terraced themed paintings that go all around the ceiling.  The Stone Dragons at the entrance to the bale are still there, protecting and guarding.

Happy 2015 a Brand New Year! The Number 8 year

W21THe World  XXIW14Art XIVW0the fool 0

Happy 2015 a Brand New Year! The Number 8 year
A New Year Tarot Reading will give you unique insight and guidance into the New Year. Will this be the year that you meet your soul mate? Will you find a new career? Is it time to sell your business or start a new business, find out by this deep exploration of the cards in the specially designed 12 card New Year Spread by Biddy, her website below.
First we will look at the energies that have gone before you and will soon pass out of your life or you will still be looking at them in the year 2015 as there is work still to be done. Then there will be new challenges and opportunities coming in this year and this will offer you an intentional focus on how you can help yourself move into these new energies and work with them. Key areas of your life, perhaps career, love, spiritual work and self-knowledge for personal growth all can be revealed.
You can have a special choice included in this New Year reading of either the Numerology of your personal year or a special Astrology report on a few insights on your progressed 6 months. For the Astrology reading you must have your time of birth correct. For the Numerology reading, just your birth date is needed.
How to book this reading. Please email me your pertinent data, different days you have open for the reading and preferred times. I offer readings by phone or Skype. I am not available on Monday, Thursday or Friday’s. Saturday and Sundays always, Tuesday and Wednesdays open. Special Price for one hour and 15 minutes, $90.00. Here are the positions of the New Year Spread. For International, Skype is offered, no phone.
Here is the spread:
1. The previous year in summary
2. What have you learned from the past year
3. What you aspire to in the next twelve months
4. What empowers you in reaching your aspirations
5. What may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations
6. Your relationships and emotions in the coming year
7. Your career, work and finances
8. Your health and well-being
9. Your spiritual energy and inner fulfillment
10. What you most need to focus on for the year ahead
11. What will be your most important lesson in the coming year
12. Overall, where are you headed in the next twelve months
13. Jean’s special three card Major Arcana spiritual insight for you.

The three cards above are from my Bali Tarot deck, the Major Arcana and yet unpublished. I am looking for a publisher.  This is Biddy/

May this New Year be the Best Year ever! Blessings, Jean

What’s your Soul or Heart’s Desire Number?

What’s your Soul or Heart’s Desire Number? 

CW5the high priest  V

In Tarot we add up our birth date numbers to attain our Birth number and therefore our Birth Tarot cards from the Major Arcana. This is called our path of destiny, (again the fate vs. free will theme). The Soul Urge or Heart’s desire number is added from your birth name, the full name including your middle name given to you at birth, using only the vowels.

According to numerologists, everything in the world is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. These properties come from the numbers’ inherent vibration. Numerology is said to have mystical properties and those come from the inherent vibration of each number. Much like the concept of sound, the OM was how the Universe started and that sound has a vibration, certainly musical notes do vibrate to a frequency and notes have numbers.  The theory tells us that each number has a unique vibration and these give us certain properties much like Astrological signs and planets. The number can determine a person’s lucky day, year or recurring numbers can offer clues to how the world is working or predict whether romantic partners are compatible. People, food, objects and colors vibrate. For instance we add up our house address to determine our environmental energy or vibration. Even our phone numbers or checking account numbers are added to see what energy is connected with them and to work with those vibrations thus creating harmony.

Most numerologists credit Pythagoras with founding the field of numerology. Pythagoras was a philosopher who was born in Greece around 569 B.C. Pythagoras followers studied mathematics and geometry and a part of their study led them to determine that numbers were not only science and mathematics but also had qualities of mysticism and intuition.  For example the odd numbers are masculine and the even numbers feminine.  The Number One is creative, since the addition of multiple ones can create any other number. The Two represented duality and was female while three was male. The sum of two and three, five represented marriage and since it fell exactly in the middle of the numbers one through nine, it also represented justice. The vibrations of numbers is linked to sound as he linked the association of the music of the spheres, or the sound Pythagoras believed the planets and the Sun made while orbiting the Earth.  In order to utilize numerology one needs the process of translating the words to numbers. This practice has its roots in Greek, Latin and Hebrew gematria, or the practice of turning words into numbers for the purpose of divination. People have used gematria to study and interpret the Torah, the Bible and other religious texts.

Tarot cards are numbered and with finding out our Soul/Heart’s desire we can assign that number to a Major Arcana card similar to assigning our Birth number.

What is the Heart’s desire or Soul Urge number meaning? The urge to merge could be your heart’s desire, which would mean that your innermost deepest desire is to marry or to create union with another. The bliss of your heart, the dreams of your being lay in the Sour Urge/Hearts desire number. It will show you that your motivations behind many actions or intentions are driven by this number. This number heavily influences your life. This is the inner you, it is one of the 5 core numbers that make up the major numbers of Numerology. Once you find this number break it down to a single digit and find your Major Arcana Tarot card. For me, it’s the number 5. Basically 5’s are said to be the prevailing number in nature and art, 5 symbolizes Fire and the Stigmata. They are multi-talented and with many interests, 5’s are attractive, independent, free-thinking, fast moving, and potentially foot-loose. 5 energies are often very sexual beings. Resenting restrictions and responsibilities, 5’s can be reckless and self-indulgent.  5 relates to the planet Jupiter, (a gambler for sure), the Tarot card the Hierophant, the day of Thursday and the color blue. Character: The adventurer, courageous, passionate, responsive, quick to grasp and learn sympathetic, great traveler and/or explorer. I have moved more than I can count. I have traveled around the world and if I am not traveling, I am exploring in my head ideas, concepts, worlds of the unknown the Occult, the supernatural and cultures beyond time.

When I first looked at my Tarot card, my Soul Urge was the Hierophant. Ugh! Are you kidding, I am nowhere close to this card. The image then was that of the POPE, which for me stood for many things which I am diametrically opposite in thinking and beliefs. However, the card is not the POPE and today we can find many decks that portray this card as an Elder wise man, a High Priest, a teacher beneath a tree, a wise and wizen Shaman and even Yoda from Star Wars. Now I feel connected to the card. I have been a non-conformist all my life and later in I life I joined a very important group and this group has saved my life, taught me my path and continues to be a worldwide influence for the good. The card does symbolize the entry into many different types of institutions where there is a shared/like mind group identity.  My religious beliefs have meandered along the path, like a gentle river flowing, it picked up an eclectic ideology and continues to entrance me and leads me to explore and travel around the world studying and participating in its cultures. I am happily exposed to varying and often exotic religious beliefs to which I fully embrace.  The Hierophant is also said to be Chiron, the wounded healer and that is true for my life as this wounding led me to be of service to society. The card also brings interest in rituals and after many years of traveling the world and participating in their rituals I now have my own and ritual is a big part of my life. I am constantly educating myself and seeking knowledge, this is true for the card. Interesting to note that the Tarot card the Magician uses raw power from the Universe and turns that into manifesting on the material plane, the Hierophant channels the higher power to do the work through society in the religions of the world. That energy manifested in my life and this card is the wise counselor which I am now through the Tarot cards.  When I first started studying the Tarot and Numerology, this was not yet in my awareness and I rebelled against the idea that I could possibly be associated with this card. Now after 32 years with Tarot and Numerology, I can fully embrace the Hierophant and easily see it as my Soul Urge and Heart’s desire. ( The High Priest card, the Hierophant comes from my Bali Tarot Deck, yet unpublished).

Find out how you can determine your Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge. The Inner You.

Write out your name, place the number associated with the letter on top of each letter, add across.  How To Calculate – Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge Number Add only the Vowels. Write out your name, place the numbers above the vowels and add across.

Each letter in your name is given a single digit number, based on the chart below.

In the case of your Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge Number, we are only interested in the vowels of your full birth name.

What about the letter Y? The letter Y is a bit tricky to use. Sometimes it is considered a vowel and at other times a consonant, depending on how it is used and how it sounds within the name.

When to use the letter “Y” as a VOWEL

  • when Y serves as a vowel and sounds like a vowel , or when Y is the only vowel in the syllable (Mary, Carolyn, Betty)
  • when Y precedes another vowel in a syllable and provides the vowel sound (Bryan, Wyatt)

When to use letter “Y” as a CONSONANT

  • when Y follows another vowel, and it doesn’t provide for a separate vowel sound (Murray, Hayley)
  • when the syllable already has another vowel (except when Y precedes another vowel in a syllable and provides the vowel sound)
  • when the Y is used in place of a J sound ( Yamaha, Toyota, Yoda)

To calculate your Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge number, assign each vowel of your name a number from the above chart. Do this separately for your First Name, Middle Name (if you have one), and Last Name (Surname). For each of your names add the numbers up separately, reducing them down to a single digit value. When you have the numbers for each of your names, add these up and again reduce to a single digit to come up with your Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge Number. If at any time in your calculations you encounter a master number (11,22, or 33) do not reduce it any further.

I can add your numbers for you in our Tarot Card Reading Appointment.  Blessings, Jean


The Queen of Swords from the Manga Tarot Deck

The Queen of Swords:  what do you think the broken sword can bring or mean?

Be the Watcher of your Thoughts.  The Queen of Swords holds in her hand a broken sword.  She looks at you over her shoulder reminding us to be the watcher of our thoughts.  Swords as the Air element rules the mind and the mind wanders sometimes to negative self-talk; the Queen is the master of watching the mind.  Look at and see the words you are speaking, posting, thinking. The Queen advises you to build the bridge of words and ideas to help you communicate more effectively.  The truth is her sword. Words are power and they are highly connected to your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, others and life itself.  The broken sword here is the symbol for us to break from our negative patterns and words that no longer serve us.  First we must take responsibility for words used to hurt ourselves or others in the past and to mind our mind for the present.   Tarot is about transformation and The Queen of Swords reminds us to change our thinking in order to change our lives.

Blessings, Jean

The Art of Moving Forward


Mercury Goes Direct Today YES! It is the perfect time for that Tarot reading you’ve been contemplating to book but have been waiting for the direct energy of life.  This in Tarot would be the Magician card, directing energy.

Now is the time to ask those questions that have been nagging at you for weeks or months. Today Mercury ventures forth on October 25, 2014 at PDT, USA time 12:17pm and for BST, the UK its 8:17pm   for the past three weeks the planet Mercury has been in retrograde.  For many this meant that phones and computers wrecked havoc by crashing or emails being hacked. Contracts were re-worked, travel plans with flat tires, missed plane connections, and delayed flights.  Communications at work or at home were all messed up, tension abounded. Mercury rules the mind and you might have been having mind illusions, bad dreams, paranoia or just downright memory lapses.  Communication, commerce and transportation all have been effected by Mercury retrograde. Some of us don’t notice it at all and others are tyrannized by the illusion of a planet going backward.

This can be a stimulating influence.  Perhaps now you may feel more awake mentally and ready to be open to new ideas or solve a problem using solutions that have been hidden from you. Be ready for divine inspiration! Your vision for your life can be considerable in breath and scope think on the Magician card and manifest what needs to be created in your world. A Tarot reading can gently and firmly guide you, revealing answers or affirmations of what you have been thinking all along.  Perhaps new ideas will come rapidly now, set free by the Direct motion of the Planet of communication, don’t forget that we not only communicate with others but our inner dialog is most important to our well being.  You might want to break from your usual routine and take a short road trip out of your environment to explore listening and speaking with nature or with yourself.   This will freshen the mind and create a new point of view.

This is a paragraph from my writing on the Magician card.  You are that, a Magician that is a co-creator of your life. Tune in and manifest what you need and desire.  “The Magician Tarot card is an excellent card for manifesting what you require or aspire to in life, whether it is an object, or a new idea, an emotional release from a disturbing situation or require the illumination of action. The number 1 in numerology represents the energies of fresh action, initiation, new ventures, new beginnings, pioneering or planting seeds. The symbology of the Magician’s hand is raised toward the sky and one hand is pointed at earth. This speaks to us of channeling the power of the divine, the true essence of the card. We humans are often self-will run riot or at a loss as how to manifest the good in our lives. By opening ourselves to a power greater than ourselves we can receive the energy to create our lives and transform ourselves. We can then live connected to the whole and not the separated self. In the way of the shaman, the shaman opens him/her self to a greater power, the word Magic comes from the root word mage meaning to be able to have power, and so the shaman, wizard, magician seeks the channel to bring about that power to serve him/her self and the greater community through right use of will. Often you will see the symbol the “lemniscates” illuminated on top of his head, the symbol of infinity. This represents the power, the charged energy of spirit. This is the Fool now learning to bring in that power and with the tools for life either placed on a table or beside him, the principles of life in the form of Cups which is the element of water which represents emotions and love, the airy Swords which brings mind and communications, earthy Coins or Pentacles which represent the all matter, the body, work and money and the Rod or Wands the fire element of ambition, spirituality, enterprise and action. We learn from the Magician how to focus and manifest through connection to the divine and the use of the word as powerful potent energy and in so using these tools can create and transform.  Link up with the world creating spirit, the alchemical figure Mercurius and create your world.”  Jean Redman

The Magician card: Artist Winona Cookie. You can find her art on Red Bubble, here is the link,

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Full Moon Magick

Full Moon Magick


Magick today for a Full Moon. The highest energy occurs at the Full Moon and, therefore, this is the most powerful time for magickal workings. The Moon is full all today , October 8, 2014 and starts the waning cycle tomorrow. Time for a little Magick, a ritual, a prayer, a spell. The highest energy occurs at the Full Moon and, therefore, this is the most powerful time for magickal workings. It is also an Eclipse, and thus a time of change. Ask yourself..what do I desire to change? What needs to change? and then work  with the Full Moon in Aries . Harness Aries energy (enthusiasm, will power and most of all ACTION) 

Moon in Aries is the best time to work magick involving leadership, authority, rebirth, spiritual conversion, or willpower. Healing rituals for ailments of the face, head, or brain are also done during this period of time.  You can do any ritual now for a issue, a change a desire that needs extra power.  For instance, finding a new job, healing a serious condition, love, knowledge, money and dreams. 

Eclipses come around every six months to shake us down, wake us up and offer us the gift of seeing our lives more clearly. 

Blessed Be, Jean . The Tarot Card is The Moon, artist Pamela Wells, from her wonderful Tarot deck, 22 cards, the Major Arcana, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess

Life Coaching through the Spiritual Wisdom of the Tarot cards

Life Coaching through the Spiritual Wisdom of the Tarot cards


Life coaching is different from counseling in that it is designed to give back all the power to you and in fact empower you. It is not advice, therapy, mentoring or predictive. It is based in the examination of what is going on now and discovering gifts of spirit, of skills and intellect, challenges or obstacles and choosing the right course of action to transform your life.

Transformational Tarot speaks to us of how to create positive change in our lives and to help you live a better richer life.  The cards of Tarot will show you how to change, what tools to use, identify goals, what are you blockages, your challenges, your hopes and fears and affirms what you already know in order for you to make your own life choices.  For some clients that means they may be focused on personal goals such as self-discovery, relationships, work-life balance or getting a promotion, starting a new business, career choices, and health choices. One aspect of this works involves creativity for an artist and the artist blocks, the projects, new concepts or even what genre to explore. Spirituality and personal growth is the Major Arcana’s gift to us in the Tarot. The archetypes of the cards speak to us of our soul’s personal journey through life and can show us our shadow and our gifts. The cards can guide us to connect our heads with our heart in such a way as to transform our passions of our dreams into actions in our lives.

  • In the past year I have worked with these topics:
  • Career choices and planning
  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Spirituality and personal growth
  • Choices in Health decisions
  • Family and parenting
  • Letting go and grief
  • Buying a house
  • Small Business Development
  • Creativity for artists, writers, performers
  • Addiction in drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling/food/smoking
  • Motivation and time management

Tarot is not here to give you advice it will suggest and give you choices. This empowers you to become authentic and take responsibility. I as the Life Tarot coach will exclusively support you, not your family, not your boss, unlike a friendship would this is all about you. The reading is a process that will allow you to explore and come up with the best options for you. This is based on the Tarot reading, what the cards show you and how you will determine what to do with that information given.  I cannot fix you, I cannot tell you what to do, nor would you want me to be like a parent, a friend or a co-worker telling you what to do, the Tarot does not make these decisions as it works on the principle of free will and the future is in the moment. This is about your own self responsibility.

I will support your vision and help you be the best you can be in working towards that vision.  I can help you navigate towards your desired outcome, your goals, and your transformational change.  I am your advocate and only want the best for you. I have a great deal of experience in guiding individuals through behavior changes if the cards warrant this change.  Most of us come to Tarot because we are facing a challenge or a problem. We want to understand why this is happening and what we can do about it. We can utilize the tools of transformation through tarot to better our lives, achieve our goals and vision.

We ask questions focusing on ourselves only and we do not have permission to read others or to cross into their boundaries as if we would read their personal dairy, we honor others boundaries. The questions are based in self responsibility and in accepting responsibility for your situation and the cards will not tell you what to do, they will give you information to work with and I as the coach will explain or be able to present in understandable terms very much like interpreting a dream. The messages the Tarot cards will give to you is information that will help you to achieve your desired goal.

A coach is just that, they coach to help you access your own personal best, you are the expert in your life and you know what you need. Sometimes that knowing is blocked and as a coach I am trained to help you channel your own oracle, you own inner wisdom.  I am here to help you discover that wisdom.

Every day we make decisions and Tarot Life Coaching helps you to learn how to make the best choices, the creative effective choices that brings life into balance.

My skills also lay in the knowing how to ask the right questions, of accessing the right tools and techniques on how to empower yourself so that you may find the answers within.

Through working with me weekly on your vision, your dreams or your issues and challenges you can expect the journey of life to open up and to transform you towards a conscious inner awareness of everyday life and in that awareness change will occur.  Monthly sessions are also available.

My training is 28 years as a supportive addiction mentor, group facilitator in many varied subjects and workshop leader.  In Tarot I have 30 years of reading experience and 15 years of teaching the Tarot.  My career in Television advertising involved ten years of training in coaching,  counseling and advising in  business development, advertising, marketing, and business plan writing, proposals, creative TV/Radio and print production at the National and local level. Early in my life I owned a Health Food store and I trained for five years in the alternative health field.  I took classes in massage, acupuncture, herbalist training, food pharmacology and each year trained at seminars in alternative or food health and healing.  I hosted a live Radio talk show on alternative medicine.  I am a Certified Hypnotherapist with NLP and counseling training and an Herbalist. For over thirty years I have been on the path of Shamanism, in that I have had Shamanic training with Native American, Mayan and Aztec Shamans and seven years experience with the Balinese shamans, called Balians. At University I majored in ART and Social Studies.  I am an art designer of jewelry, a eBay store and the Bali Tarot Deck.  I am a single Mother, although my son now is 32, I am still a single mother.  I have traveled and lived around the world, teaching and being a presenter of workshops on Tarot, dream interpretation, animal totems and discovering your treasure map of life.  In the past few years I have worked part time alongside my Tarot practice at a non-profit for children as an Assistant Executive Director a non-profit involved in family disputes and or court ordered displacements. Trained in domestic violence, safety and protection of children, substance abuse testing, abduction of children, neglect and visitation rights through the courts.  I have assisted people through Life Tarot Coaching since 1999.

Dynamic Tarot Life Coaching in 4 sessions.  One hour per week for four consecutive weeks.  $320.00, if you were to look up Life Coaching you will see that this fee is more than reasonable, normal Life Coaching fee is $200 to $1,000 per hour.  Personal one hour session via Skype, yes there is homework which will be daily assignments, simple and yet profound, some writing and breathing work, a little meditation of Loving Kindness.  See the Booking a Tarot reading page on how to pay. “Buy Now” button through PayPal.

Life Coaching is a pre-paid course.  I am in MST time, for EST you are two hours ahead. I start booking appointments at 9am my time, which is 11am your time. I offer the work at night as well up to 7pm my time. Saturday and Sundays available, Tuesday, Wednesdays available, in the future more days may open up. Please email me as to your preferred  day and time.

The  Tarot card is the Queen of Wands from the Illuminati Tarot Deck, artist Eric C Dunne.

Discovering your Dreams through the Tarot

Discovering your Dreams through the Tarot

Do you have a dream you would like to have interpreted through the Tarot cards? 

This comes from one of my favorite books on dreams, Healing Dreams. “Most of us have had (or, inevitably, will have) at least one dream in our lives that stops us in our tracks. Such dreams tell us that we’re not who we think we are. They reveal dimensions of experience beyond the everyday. They may shock us, console us, arouse us, or repulse us. But they take their place alongside our most memorable life events because they’re so vivid and emblematic. Some are like parables, setting off sharp detonations of insight; others are like gripping mystery tales; still others are like mythic dramas, or horror stories, or even uproarious jokes. In our journey from childhood to age, we may count them on one hand. Yet once they have flared in the soul, they constellate there, emitting a steady, pulsar like radiance.”  By author Marc Ian Barasch.

The stories of our dream life are remarkable, healing, profoundly insightful, disturbing, lingering soul vibrations or just downright confusing. We want to understand them, to interpret to decipher the dream and some of us want to delve deeper into the different aspects of the visuals and feelings the dream bring. That is where Tarot comes in to play. I have developed a Dream Spread to interpret my dreams and now I am offering that insight to you. For many years I taught dream workshops, how to access your dreamlike, to write down your dreams, to interpret your dreams through symbols, feelings, visuals, sound and lucid dreaming where you are the watcher of your dreams. Many of us call our friends and share our dreams or ask our family what they think our dream means. Is it just a dream or is it prophetic, precognitive or anxiety driven.  Is it a message or is it just daily regurgitation of my worries or activities? Dreams tend to come from the sub-conscious mind, but not all dreams come from your mind. The sub-conscious wants you to know, and you are your sub-conscious mind, that there is something important for you to be aware of, and it could be a necessary adjustment you must make in your waking life or a healing or warning. These come often in confusing symbols, distorted visions, archetypes, feelings that make no sense to you.  Here is where the Tarot cards can be useful.  Let’s take a look at one such dream, one of my dreams and the questions in the Tarot spread.

This was the first card I drew, The Hanged Man. Here is the painting from my Bali Tarot.   12The Hanged man XIIcw

Interpretation of My dream through Tarot.

The dream:

I am standing in the doorway of a great hall. It has rich Wood floors, colorful Asian textile cushions. There are Tibetan monks standing in various groups in their maroon and yellow robes.   I noticed Thangka’s (Tibetan paintings with cloth frames), on the wall and a stage that was also decorated in Tibetan textiles with two gold ornate chairs.  I was walking into this room wondering where in the heck I am, is this Tibet or Dharmasala? (ps: in waking life I have never been here or had an audience with the Dalai Lama, I have been to a talk he gave)   The monks bowed when they saw me, a slight smile from them, the bow was respect but not reverence, I am not a monk here but a visitor a guest.  A monk comes towards me and guides me with non-touch to a larger group of monks. We made our way into the center and there stood His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  HOLY Cow I thought I am actually meeting the Dalai Lama.  He smiled really big to see me and that smile and his face brought tears to my eyes as I felt such love and compassion pouring from him.  I bowed; he placed a white scarf around my neck and lifted me up from the bow and he gestured to walk with him. We went to the stage and sat in the chairs, I sat next to His Holiness.  (I woke up. Holy cow the Dalai Lama!  I went back to sleep wanting to get back to the dream). This time I am in a great hall and a man in Hindu white balloon pants, barefoot, beard, around 40 is taking my Altar down and dressing it up for ceremony.  I said to him that I have come for my Altar and I see you are using it. Do you mind I said I need it right now? He says “ so sorry, no I cannot use it as there is a big super ritual and famous people are coming, we need your altar.”  I say ok and find it strange that it is my simple altar that is needed as this looks like a giant shindig.  I stand there and watch him decorate, he places Hindu deities in the altar, dresses it with scarfs of color and then all white scarves surround the outer edges of the Altar.  I turned around and see the Dalai Lama walking in with his entourage and with a Hindu Guru, I can’t place the Guru.  They come up to me, smile and let me know the ritual will start soon.   His Holiness says to me to relax, no worries and the ritual will start soon.  It appears I am the only one there as a guest right now or perhaps I have early entrance.  The Dalai Lama and the Guru climb up on a raised platform of 5 feet, decorated with higher seats for his Holiness and the Guru, musical instruments on the dais and the other Monks stand on the side of the dais.  They smile at me; I sit down in the front on pillows.  I see thousands come in, the ritual begins, music and chanting.

Next in the dream is this;

I see several men; some old friends of mine leave the room.  I wonder where they are going and why I am not invited.  I go after them and peek into the room. There are around 10 people, they are all laughing, and I know them all.  They see me and they say sorry this is a private party.  I start to leave, His Holiness comes and gestures to the group as they try to approach him, and no he says just Jean.  He tells me they lack consciousness.  I go back and say to a friend to stop smoking pot as he lacks consciousness and I tell one of my really good friend that his wisdom/intellect is great and his consciousness has been corrupted by that one last residue one last affliction which is sex.  I wake up.

Here is the Tarot spread and reading.  

  1. What is the meaning of area, place, location (this can be anywhere the bathroom, bedroom, forest, city, car, church, etc). The card was The Hanged Man. I was in a great spiritual hall, the Tibetan great room for His Holiness.  The Hanged man tells me that I am in a place of suspension, not ready yet to move forward with the plan.  I may be trying too hard to make something happen, instead let go, allow the Universe to bring it in relax like His Holiness told me in the dream.  I am to take a look at what I am doing from another point of view.  I need more time to reflect on the situation.  Waiting is the game now, allowing opportunities to emerge.  I am in need of an emotional release; this dream provides that for me and shows me the way.  Letting go of the worries and concerns that I have right now, I have no control and so let go and allow a new reality to enter.
  2. What is The Event; The card is The Hierophant or in my deck, The High Priest.  The event is  in a great hall where Monks and guest have an “audience with the Dalai Lama, only this time I am the only guest.  This card tells me to uplift my thinking from negative to positive, trust in spirit in my personal belief system, in God/Goddess.   Also I may need to adapt to my existing skills and beliefs that are already in place, no innovations needed here, in other words I have everything I need to be successful.  I may need to let go of traditional rituals or I think Tarot readings.  (Actually in waking life I am considering offering my Tarot reading services in a new venue).   In fact I may want to join a Tibetan meditation group or to rejoin my spiritual group and go back to my regular meetings.  (I have been away from them for three months). The spiritual teacher s in the dream is the event as well and this card is also brings the message of a spiritual teacher, the one that will lift you up to the divine.
  3. What is my Blockage:  The Six of Wands; which says to me Trust?  I want to achieve success but feel blocked and detained in my vision, my quest. There is no victory unless there is trust in myself and the universe.  Have faith in myself, relax and concentrate at the task that you have set for yourself to be the right path.  Your intuition is right on, find places of trust for instance in my spiritual community as the dream is in a community of spiritual people.
  4. What is the most important message in the dream;   The card is Seven of Cups, I see fear.  My emotions are being driven by fear.  My intention is blocked by the fear of not being capable and confident in my own skills. I may be protecting myself do to fear which comes from illusion and is not real.  Worry and anxiety is blocking you from moving forward.  Trust in God, the spiritual teachers, the community of spiritual nourishment.
  5. What does this symbolism mean to me?  The card is the Ace of cups, love flows.  A powerful positive card. This card shows that what I want to do is possible to live in love, in the bliss of life.  The passion I have for my work comes through a loving and open heart, be that heart.  This will nourish you. Spiritual practice is needed for me to be truly myself.  I need to acknowledge the love that you have to give to others.  I am also in need of affection, of happiness and love. Things will get better, new beginnings and new friendships.  My work will be appreciated and valued.  The dream of my friends leaving me and not inviting me in is symbolic to abandonment.  But they have Not abandoned me, they are just not living in my city and that makes me feel unwanted, unloved which is an illusion and not the truth.  Realize that you can change this scenario as new love and new friendships are just around the corner, soon new beginnings will happen.
  6. How do I apply the message of the dream in my waking life? The card is the Two of Wands, Purity is the message.  This card means to live authentically.   Be true to myself, live in truth. Clear awareness of self through a peaceful mind and a calm heart. Meditation is needed to see crystal clarity. Future planning is needed.  It will take the courage of self confidence and self-knowledge for you to reach my goals. It is the creative process that is guiding your life to its fullness. Take the first steps are the message and explore this new world and new experiences.  Patience is needed, you have started to know that the journey lies ahead and you want to know if you should jump in and create a new world or in fact a new way of doing something that is dear to your heart.  Create your own destiny, be the Star.

Next is a drawn card just for the portion of the dream that is disturbing, the group who left me and I am not invited in, I also have attitude of superiority to them.

  1. What is the meaning behind the group in the dream?  My friends did not invite me into the private party and yet the Dalai Lama shows me that you have already been invited into higher consciousness.  The card I drew is Death which means transition and deep transformation, inner and outward.  Situations, things, and people that I have counted on or gotten used to May no longer be available to you in quite the same way as they once were, and this transition can be difficult for some people.  The change might be my own self-limiting beliefs or attitudes, as I see those attitudes about my friends not being conscious. (I personally have no pot addictions or sex, I am sober and clean for 28 years now and have no lover in my life right now.)   I also need and will move up to higher mind (the Dalai Lama coming to get me) in letting go and allowing this ending of this phase of my life to be over.  Letting go of the past, allowing this dying of the old way to take place so that I may move on to higher ground or uplift my own depression of feeling abandon by my friends. Also this card can literally mean that I may move from my location, my place or city of residence. Transformation, change and transition needs to occur to open the way for a new direction to manifest.   Most importantly I must cultivate a positive attitude. I am in the “dark night of my senses” and this too shall pass. I feel quite literally alone in the world and more people care about me than I can begin to imagine.

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The Spiritual Student

The Spiritual Student

W2the high Priestess II

“Esoteric astrology concerns itself primarily with the unfoldment of
consciousness, with the impacts which awaken it to the peculiar ‘gifts’
of any particular sign and ray endowment; with the reaction of the
individual and consequent enrichment through response to the influence
of a sign, working through the esoteric planets from the angle of
humanitarian awareness, of discipleship and of initiation.” – D.K.

In many forms of standard western astrology people look to the signs and the rulers of the personalities and aspects of those to inform them while a student of spirituality would be more interested in looking under the surface. This would lead you to discover the esoteric rulers of your sign. The esoteric rulers bring us to a level of consciousness in exploring our souls and to bring about self-empowerment on our path. This is also known as Soul-centered astrology. I learned almost all I know about this from the Master astrologer, Alan Oken. His book “Soul-Centered” Astrology is a must for those who desire to move deeper into their exploration of consciousness and feel that the standard astrology or the astrological association in Tarot cards will not fulfill this purpose. Esoteric Astrology fulfills this purpose by describing the evolution of soul influence through the esoteric rulers. The quote above is from the Alice Bailey books, channeled from Master Djwhal Khul, a Tibetan who is said to exist on a higher plane of consciousness and works with a hierarchy of spiritual masters. “Towards the end of the nineteenth century the Master Djwhal Khul, head of one of the subsidiary ashrams within the major second ray ashram of the Master K.H., accepted responsibility for presenting a sequence of three new interpretations of the Ageless Wisdom teaching intended “to precede and condition the new age.” .

This article explores the Sun sign Virgo, which has as its esoteric ruler, the Moon in relationship to the Tarot card, The High Priestess. It has been stated in the Golden Dawn that the astrological association of Virgo is the Hermit card in Tarot. Personally, the GD is not the end all be all of astrological associations, they are but one reference you can explore. The GD associated Leo with the Strength card and I think that is as far away from the meaning of that card that one can get. The Sun Card is definitely the Leo card. But, then again we are looking at personalities and instead let’s look deeper in our soul ruler. For Virgo that is the Moon. The High Priestess card is associated with the planet MOON, lunar energies. There is also a MOON tarot card and even though it is associated with the sign Pisces, I would look to that card as well for more insights into the Virgo/esoteric ruler the Moon.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the mind of which has higher and lower aspects. The mind has analytical power and reasoning that is channeled into practical action which then synthesizes into form. This is created by using knowledge and logic. This lower aspect is the MOON, which works through the 5 senses. It is also stated the inner ruler of Virgo is Vulcan, and that Vulcan is veiled by the Moon, which is to say the solar force is veiled from the Moon (form). When you look at the symbolism within the High Priestess you will see in most Tarot cards the veil behind the High Priestess. This is the illusionary veil that the High Priestess goes through in order to access the wisdom knowledge you are seeking. In the esoteric ruler the Moon this is the fusion of knowledge and intuition, integrating the heart with the mind. Intuition is the higher psychic nature of the High Priestess which she accesses through the mind. Through the High Priestess you are operating from spirit or soul which is then intuitive wisdom through the heart of a transformed mind.  The mind is Moon which rules the brain. She also sits on her throne of service to humanity, answering you whenever you call upon her. Soul-centered astrology looks at the purpose of the higher self and thus the interaction with the group of humanity as a whole. The High Priestess is the higher self, your higher self. You can learn to trust your intuition with her, develop your higher self through intuition and to be able to see beyond the form and into the light. Moon is form and form reflects light and the light you shine upon others is your spiritual path of higher consciousness, this is the way for you if you are a sun sign in Virgo this incarnation. Utilize the High Priestess for your daily meditation and the answers will come if your spiritual house is in order.

For other signs take a look at this chart and explore through the Tarot how you may contact your soul and move into a higher consciousness of being. You can choose your own Tarot card, some say Aries is associated with The Emperor, but I do not, I say that card is Taurus ruled by Venus/Vulcan. Who is Vulcan in the Tarot? “This Vulcan has nothing to do with the Uranian planet Vulcanus. Do not confuse the two. The name “Vulcan” first came into general use about 1857, after astronomers observed what was supposed to have been the transit of an intra-Mercurial planet. The selection of the name Vulcan from mythology gives an almost exact description of the inner planet. It is presumed to be hot, like a blacksmith’s iron, because it is close to the Sun. Vulcan of mythology, or Tubal-Cain of the Bible, was a blacksmith who forged hot iron.” By Virginia Reyer, ASA member.  My next article who is Vulcan in Tarot.


Exoteric and Esoteric Rulers of the Signs


Exoteric Ruler

Esoteric Ruler