Is the Mystic within guiding you? A Mystical Tarot Consultation.



Is the Mystic within guiding you? A Mystical Tarot Consultation.

Why one would seek out a Tarot Reading? You might be at a directional point in life, not knowing which way to turn or it has been suggested to you and you accept that change is in order; however, you don’t know what or how to change.

Tarot decks have used the name “Mystic” in many decks and so I ask what a Mystic is? Are you a Mystic? What card in the Tarot Major Arcana is the Mystic? Is it the High Priestess? The Hermit? The Star?

A mystic for me is a person who sees the divine in every aspect of life, thus the Tarot reading is seeing into the divine and that is why the reading is called, divination. One aspect of the mystic is that she/he is dedicated to serving others and guides people.  A Mystic has a high level of Intuition and it comes naturally from within and they also value others intuition. A Mystic is awakened to their calling. Personal experience for them is more important than doctrine. They want a personal connection to the divine, the Tao, Universe, Goddess/God in whatever they seek. They also tend to want to hear about other’s experiences as a directional reference point. One aspect about Mystics is that they are great researchers of life and into the spiritual world.  They ask the questions of who am I, where did I come from, what is reality or the nature of personal reality, what is my purpose and what is the universe. They are neutrally curious to grasp and understand our world and the spiritual world which for them is one world. One important aspect is that they are uncomfortable with religious and spiritual hierarchies and are often known as spiritual rebels.

Mystics know what it is to have power or to be empowered. A mystic believes that the power of love comes through you and you channel that from all things, as all things are divine. Mystics see themselves as one wave in the ocean of wisdom of existences. They know that they are a magnet of this power, a conduit and not the source.  They themselves are powerless, and accept that the connectivity is everyone and everything. A mystic believes in awareness and that all external realities, rituals, spiritual practices and in this case for me, Tarot readings are meant to trigger internal insights and transformation.

Calling on the Mystic within can be accomplished by asking the Tarot for guidance.  You are the oracle, the mystic and you are the seeker of divine direction. The Tarot can show you the strings of life, the web of all things and how it is connected to the significance of your life and the lives of others. It is important to know that the universe is mysterious and we may not know everything and won’t know so that we stay humble this way and can be open to faith and trust in the divine plans for us.  Absolute knowing may not be in the cards, the Tarot will not show you everything, it leaves life mysterious. However, we can be guided in to the next step, the path to the probable future and we are shown the signs, the symbols of life that guide us.

Through the Tarot, I see the awareness of nature and the rhythms of life, the symbolism that speaks to me in the language of the Spirit.

Asking the Tarot for divine guidance is in itself an act of the Mystic.  Are you ready to become your own Mystic? The answers are within and through my Mystical Tarot Consultation can open the door to your inner awareness.

The Mystical Tarot consultation is offered through phone or Skype. One hour $75.  I am open to read on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays. Phone readings are offered only in the USA. On Skype we can video or by sound. In some International countries Skype is not great with Video, so we can use the microphone and sound for the reading. Skype is computer to computer and you can download it for free. Book the reading through the TAB, Book a Reading. I look forward to speaking with you. Until then..May you be surrounded and protected by the White Light of the Christ Consciousness. Blessings, Jean

The Tarot card “The Star” is from the Goddess Tarot deck, “The Affirmations of the Everyday Goddess: by Pamela Wells, it is the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

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