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“Therapy is a boat to cross the river; we just have to remember to get off on the other side.”’  Caroline Myss

The pictorial symbols in a tarot card are vitally important to a Tarot card. Why, because tarot is a symbolic oracle, it is essential that the symbols are correctly drawn so that our intuition and interpretational process is served by the messages in the symbols. For instance in this scene we see the woman’s back. Ask yourself, why is this vitally important to the card, the back versus the front facing of a woman? Or a side view of the woman? Because the back of a person represents the past.  The backs of the people in the Judgment card for example is looking back on the past and seeking forgiveness for our sins. The back is an essential symbol for our understanding of this card. To see an image facing forward or a side view does not connote leaving your past. You can also say leaving your problems behind you, or moving on from a difficult situation or in this quote from Ms. Myss, the therapy is done. I know that the 6 of Swords in the Thoth deck or Haindl deck is just that, an image of swords, 6 of them.  If you had never studied the deck or read the meanings would you know what those swords mean? With the pictorial images you can see the past, the head of the woman is bowed and should also be covered. Why, this symbol represents grieving over a loss and she is in a somber state. In some cultures it represents respect. To have a beautiful woman in a boat looking forward to her future, does not tell us what has happened here, as the 6 of Swords with her back to us definitely tells us that we are leaving a difficult situation behind us and it confirms to us the past is over.  There is much more in this card. The water is turbulent on one side of the boat. Again representing the past, the waters in front of the boat are calm.  The calm water tells us that we now have some mental clarity which helps in the transition of and leaving chaos or the negative in our minds to the peace and positive of the future.  The Ferryman, the pole, the child in the boat, the island in the distance, the colors, the boat itself are all symbols for the deeper intuitive understanding of this card. There is much more to the card than I’ve written about thus the Tarot is multilayered in its meanings as deep as the ocean of wisdom.

Are you ready to move on? A Tarot reading can help you with this transition.