Tarot FAQ

 What is Tarot?

Tarot cards are a system of divination or fortune telling. They were created some 500 years ago as a card game and evolved over the centuries into occult teaching and as a method for self-discovery. The difference for many readers is that like me I use the method of divination, which is to call and or tap into the Devine, the spiritual dimensions and to ask for guidance in the interpretation of the Tarot cards. The Fortune Tellers usually do not use the spiritual aspects of divination.

How do I read?

I centered myself and your energy into the spiritual world of spirit guides, my guides talk to your guides, or my higher self to your higher self. I then shuffle the deck focus on your question or if I do not know your question then focus on being open and receptive to the answer. You do not have to be present for me to tap into your energy. I then interpret the symbology of the Tarot cards, much like a dream interpreter looks at the symbols of the dream. I took my first class on Tarot cards in 1982, I read for friends for free and taught classes for free until 1999 when I became a Professional Tarot Reader, Animal Totem guide, Past Life Regressions and Teacher of Metaphysical subjects, including Tarot.

Am I Psychic?

Sometimes I do experience ESP, extra sensory perception; however, mostly I am an Intuitive, one who is highly trained. I open myself up to the energy that is before me, the cards and your energy and tap into the intuitive knowing that includes my own inner wisdom, acquired knowledge, my higher self, sensory input and Psychic vibrations.

What types of Clients do I work with?

I read for all types of people. I had a corporate career in Television Advertising, Radio and Print advertising. I have owned three businesses and so anyone in business is among my clients. I have been a Mother, a student, a world traveler, a teacher of Metaphysics, a Metaphysical bookstore/gift/teaching center owner. I have created, design my own Tarot deck.  I have taught meditation, Numerology, gemstones and their vibrations, animal totems, past lives, group regressions, and Treasure Mapping and Tarot classes. I am somewhat fluent in Astrology, but I am not a Astrologer. I am a CHT Hypnotherapist with a Certification in Past Lives. I have had my own Radio Talk show on health when I owned a Health Food Store. I also speak 12 step Recovery for over 28 years. My clients come from all walks of life, from all careers or non-careers, any and all. They do not seek Fortune Telling; they do seek a spiritual path.

Do I need to ask a Question for a Tarot reading?

YES. I feel that if we ask the Universe, the spiritual world a vague question then we get a vague answer back. Questions need to be specific and open ended. Most of the time when we consult the Tarot cards we are at a point in our life when we want to make a decision or we are facing a challenge or problem and want to know how best to handle it and what if any action that is needed or what you can do about the question. We want to avoid the yes or no questions, or any that would deflect your responsibility. No questions that begin with “should” instead I suggest beginning with “Can you give me insight into..”, or what is the meaning of…”, or what is the lesson or purpose of etc. How can I improve my chances of..or How might I..or What do I need to know..Instead of How might I encourage etc. The question also must only focus on you, we or I do not have permission to look into another’s energy. For instance look at this scenario when a client was asked to write out her question.

“Sometimes you may not realize you are orienting your question around someone else. Consider these:

  1. What is behind Arthur’s drinking problem?
  2. How can I assist Arthur with his drinking problem?
  3. What role do I play in Arthur’s drinking problem?

The first question focuses totally on Arthur and his problem. In the second question, the writer is included, but his attention is still on Arthur. The third question is best because it is grounded solidly in the writer’s own experience.”  From Joan Bunning, Learn Tarot.

If you have a problem with your question or questions I can help you to phrase them correctly so that we may receive the highest good for you. Email me and I will send you a page that I put together for phrasing questions.

The truth is I cannot answer the question, what is my bliss? Or what is the correct career for me? If I had that ability I would be a millionaire today. The Universe wants you to figure this out on your own. Once you have decided on one or two paths, then you can ask about those paths. My Niece asked about going into Nursing school which was a new idea for her, she had been focused on getting her Masters in Psychology.  As you can see that she already had a path in mind when she asked the question,. A present she is attending UNM Nursing.

You have “free will” that is operating at the time of the reading, you may choose to turn the corner or you may choose not to and go straight ahead, thus changing the course of the outcome of the reading.  All is up to you.

How soon will I hear back from you to make an appointment for a Skype reading, an in person Live reading or receive a email reading?

I respond within 24 hours of your email or sooner. I will either call you or email you to set up a Skype appointments, Phone and or live in person reading. For email readings, you can pay first via PayPal and then send your one, two or three questions to me. I will confirm that I received your questions and Payment and I will read for you within 2 days, or 48 hours, if I am booked it may be within 72 hours I will let you know asap.

Do I refuse anyone? 

Yes, if you are under 18 years of age, if you are drunk or impaired. I will also terminate the reading if you are rude, disrespectful or abusive. Sometimes I have suggested to overly emotional clients to wait until they are calm enough to receive the answers of the Tarot, so we will need to re-schedule the reading. I do not answer lottery, gambling, sport betting questions. Nor any questions concerning death, I am not God/Goddess or a higher power and have no insight or control regarding Death of anyone or any animal. Nor am I a Doctor or Health Professional or Investment counselor. I do answer questions about health, but offer no diagnosis, treatment plan or medications.  This is an example of a good health question.  I can help you work with the plan your Doctor prescribed.  

“what do I need to know to about my health to help my body heal? 

I require a 24 hour cancellation of an appointment. If this is not honored, then I refund half of your payment. All readings are paid for upfront via PayPal. The directions of how to pay for a reading is on the “book an appointment” page. Do I give refunds to you? Yes, if you are totally unsatisfied with my reading and feel that I have not delivered to you what I said I would, and then yes, I do refund. I am also available for free follow up for a ONE question by email to clarify anything in the reading.

Disclaimer: I am not a Mental Health counselor or a Therapist; I am not a Doctor or Lawyer or Licensed Financial consultant. I offer readings only for entertainment purposes as outline by the law. By participating in my Tarot services you acknowledge that I am not a Licensed Therapist or health care professional nor any of the above professions. You also acknowledge that you are over the age of 18 years old. I in turn will offer you my most expert Tarot reading and do not guarantee the results of any reading. My opinions of the cards are only that, my opinions. I will deliver the Tarot services paid for to the best of my ability.