The Fool

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The Fool~Tarot Card Number 0

“Only a fool tests the water with both feet.” an African proverb

“To the wise, life is a problem, to the fool a solution.” Marcus Aurelius

The Fool represents the Divine Cosmic child and is seen stepping lively along the path with not a care in the world. His energy is one of openness to the great adventure that lies before him as he begins his life’s journey in complete innocence and naiveté; it is the soul’s journey of the transformation of consciousness. The Fool’s face is full of yearning for adventure and the exploration of something new. He is depicted approaching a precipice, symbolizing the descent from the cosmic heavens into earthly matter. His ever faithful dog is by his side, the Balinese breed Kitamani, the dog represents the evolution of lower self to the higher, as the domesticated dog evolved from the wild wolf. The dog is warning him of the peril that lies before him in the unknown. The dog here symbolizes the instinctual side of the Fool’s nature guiding his every step and often represents your friends, the loyalty of friends.

The Fool relies more on his innate intuitive wisdom rather than conventional logic.  He is the dreamer and the mystic with his head in the clouds. In his right hand he carries a staff supporting a bag of tools. These are the tools for life’s challenges but it is light as like a child, he trusts in life and need very little for the journey. The feather in his cap represents air, freedom and the wind as well as his connection to the heavenly Spirit. This card’s element is air. The mountains are an important symbol as they are seen as attainment and self-realization. It is the path leading to heights, abstract thought, and the long mystical journey through the stark mountains. The Fools journey is the number 0: cyclical, pure potential, new beginnings and endings. He is also facing left and in many tarot decks appears somewhat feminine, left is the feminine yin, the direction of the unconscious and the unknown. The white Lotus in his hand is seen as purity, a person free from animal desires and innocent.

The Fool has a two part personality.  He is a rather complex character and is either the jokester/clown who is about to make or actually has made a huge mistake or he is the pure, cosmic divine child. The Fool plays, laughs and is totally trusting.  This allows him to give life his all and dare to leap into the unknown without fear. He follows his bliss, his dreams, and his passions. He can take us into madness or bring us joy and new life. He is the new soul full of potential, starting out on his journey with fresh innocence.

When the Fool appears in a reading you may want to ask yourself these questions: What new beginnings am I willing to create?  Am I following my bliss? Where am I fearful? Is it time for a change? Who do I not trust? Am I paying too much attention to images and not enough to my values?  Have I over extended myself in work or my commitments thus am creating an out-of-balance life? Am I not allowing for play time? Is my head so much in the clouds that I cannot see reality?

Are you about to start a new journey a new phase of life?  Dare to dream and breathe in fresh air. By accepting the Fool into our lives we will bring in new energy and fresh ideas. By getting in touch with the child within, we place our trust in the universe and have faith that we are being taken care of.  We can then relax, laugh and play with the magic and wonder of life.

The cards of the Major Arcana Tarot represent the mythic journey of our soul’s transformation into awakened consciousness through their imagery and symbolism.. As we study the cards we will turn our experiences into wisdom. In essence the archetypal symbols of the Tarot represent the human condition as it relates to our lives. We can then learn to listen to our inner voice and know that we are all spiritual beings in human bodies.

Jean has read the Tarot cards since 1982, started teaching Tarot classes in 1999. She has been a Metaphysical student since 1979. Jean lived in Bali for over 7 years and created/designed the Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana, yet un-published.

Blessings, Jean

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