The Full Moon, October 16, 2016. Debut of The Moon card in the Bali Tarot Deck.

The Full Moon, October 16, 2016.  Debut of The Moon card in the Bali Tarot Deck.



Autumn is here and the releasing time of letting go is upon us.  We are moving towards the parting of the veil the perceived separation of the material plane and the ethereal plane, the approaching Day of the Dead, All Hollows Eve, Samhain, Halloween and All Saints Day. We can notice distinctly the dark and light of the season the balancing of the light.  Along with the leaves beautifully turning gold’s and reds we notice the falling of the leaves showing us the impermanence of life. Natures cycles mirrored in our life.

Nothing mirrors it better than the Full Moon as it brings light to our world, lighting up the dark night and often plunging us into fear and darkness.  Today is the Full Moon in the USA and I thought it was time to release my MOON Tarot Card, which is the first time of unveiling to the public.  Autumn brings darkness ahead, the winter season and humanity has a known fear of the dark.  I love this story by Gary Thorp, a Buddhist who wrote “Caught by the Fading Light” this is a teaching story about accepting all situations where we are left in the dark without the answers.

“Once, when the Zen master Tokusan was still a student, he visited his teacher, Ryutan, just before sundown. They sat on the floor of Ryutan’s hut, casually drinking tea and discussing Zen until deep into the night. At last, Ryutan said, ‘Maybe it’s about time you went home.’ Tokusan bowed to his teacher and walked to the door. ‘It’s completely dark outside,’ he said. Ryutan lit the lantern and said, ‘Why not take this?’ Just as Tokusan was about to take the lamp from his teacher’s hands, Ryutan blew out the flame. Tokusan suddenly knew everything there was to know.”

The Bali Tarot cards are based on the mythology of the Balinese and the 500 year old system of self-discovery, the Tarot cards the Major Arcana. Here is the description of the art, the pictorial image of the card.

The Goddess Dewi Ratih, Goddess of the moon is being eaten by the demon Kala Rau in this famous myth of Bali. Kala Rau stole the elixir “Tirta Amertha” that bestows immortality which is meant only for the Gods. Dewi Ratih told the God Dewi Wisnu (Vishnu) and he swiftly threw his magical discus and cut off the head of Kala Rau. However, it was a minute too late as the potion had reached his throat, thus his head became immortal. Kala Rau was enraged and chases Dewi Ratih at night all across the heavens; he gets his dark revenge every now and then and is seen as a bodiless head eating the Goddess, thus causing a lunar eclipse. The two statues seen outside the gloomy part of the temple are Rangda, the Goddess Durga.  In Balinese mythology, she is seen as the Hindu Goddess of destruction and transformation, the mother. In Bali she is the legendary layak a Witch with magical occult capabilities. She is now the ultimate villain and arch enemy of Bali’s protector, the Barong. Durga is greatly loved in Bali and honored for they are able to see the natural balance of all dualistic opposites. The path inside the temple leads to light, outside its dark but the light of the Moon according to the Balinese is honored every full moon with all 23,000 Temples in ceremony of gratitude for the light that the moon brought to their darkness.  Thus the Moon may illuminate your fears and plunge you into the darkness, however with the fortitude of Dewi Ratih, the Goddess you can come back into the light.

The Tarot card, The Moon is dualistic in nature as all the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot are seen.  One may see this as the Moon is visibly seen as upside down in one part of our planet and upright in the other hemisphere. Thus the positive and negative meaning of this card is both, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative in upright as well as reversed.  The moon asks you to pay close attention to your dreams, write them down as messages are coming through for you. Your psychic or intuitive is awakened at this time, use it wisely, and learn from what you perceive. The creative aspect is heightened and you are inspired to manifest that creativity into form. Do you feel like someone is keeping a secret from you? Is your inner light lit and you still you cannot find your way and now it feels dark and fear looms inside of your head? Do you have an underlying anxiety, the fears of doom and gloom, of being gobbled up by life? Perhaps this is an illusion and you cannot see as you are unsure and confused. Your emotions are on a roller coaster ride, moving passive and or aggressively like the tides. Change will happen by the next cycle of the moon, within 30 days. Is the better part of yourself being eclipsed by your shadow self? Is your sexual libido over active? Do you live in a fantasy world, seeking to escape reality?

The Moon card is visionary, artistic, illusions, genius, madness and poetry.  In the darkness it is seen as scary, in the light as magic and illumination.  Like the Zen story teaches us, we are not left in the dark without the answers.

Blessings to all on this Full Moon.






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