The Hermit 2016

2016 is a Universal Number 9 year in Numerology the energy of numbers.   (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). A 9 Year is about completion, finishing up your major projects, contracts left undone, fulfillment resulting in your hard work, accomplishment.  In the energy of numbers it is the end of a cycle and we start all over again in 2017.

In Tarot a 9 year is said to be the year of the Hermit.  Here is my Hermit card from The Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana, unpublished.  This is an excerpt from my book on the card.

copywrite9The Hermit IX

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.  There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.  Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Keywords positive attributes:  Inner wisdom through quite meditation and reflection. The Mystic. Seeking refuge from the chaos or problems in life. Inner contemplation.  The light will guide us to a new awareness. The stars shall guide you. The light of the moon shines a new awakening of consciousness.  Illumination.  A new faith and new hope.  Discover your own inner spark and wisdom.  Retreat, the art of solitude. Patience. Self-realization, self awareness. The search for truth. Individuation. Discovery. The hidden light within.  Inner unity.  Aloneness is strength through insight. Spiritual wisdom. Silence.

Keywords negative attributes:  Self-isolation. Loneliness. Feelings of separation and rejection. Too busy in the outer world, stressed out. Doing life in your own way cutting others off from helping you with good advice. Having difficulty shedding light on your problems. A teacher, guru not to be trusted. Miserly actions, a “Scrooge personality”. No light at the end of the tunnel, feelings of being in the dark. Not being able to focus, perhaps some mental problems. Fear.

Description:  Here we see the Balinese High Priest, Danghyang Nirartha, also known as Pedanda Wawuh Rauh, a Siwa-Buddhist, who came to Bali in 1537 to become  King Waturenggongs (see The King card) High Priest. Nirartha established a Hermitage in Mas, Bali and created many temples that stand today as “special energy” temples. Nirantha often traveled throughout Bali to teach and perform rituals such as death, soul purification, weddings, pregnancy, birth and maturity through the Siwa practices, today the Siwa cult is strong among the High Priests.  Nirartha is regarded as the lineage holder of the High Priests, in fact the father of  the Brahmin castes who are by birth qualified to become High Priests and Priestesses. High Priests are normally aloof from the population and alone in their studies and ritual practices on a daily basis. When one needs to have a special ritual performed of the highest order, a High Priest will be called upon as only a High Priest has the knowledge the secret inner wisdom that is necessary. The lamp at the right front is a banana leaf with oil, called a Damar sentir, damar means lamp and sentir means small red light, it is the ancient traditional lamp of the Balinese. Today it is carried in processional rituals, especially on Nyepi, Balinese New Year night. The White opened Lotus signifies the light of enlightenment in Buddhist and Hindu religions. The Owl is white and represents ancient higher wisdom. The Stars light the way, the Full Moon called Purnama is honored every month in Bali by Temple ceremonials  and or family temple offerings. The Full Moon represents the light that shines to illuminate the darkness not only the dark night, but the darkness within one’s soul.

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