The Tarot card, Judgment: create change or taking a new risk

To all my friends who are looking to create change or taking a new risk or anything that you think will enhance your life.


Think on this. The Judgment card from my Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana.

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In the sky you see the image of Krishna playing the divine flute. Krishna’s flute brings the energy of past times, and we are attracted to the music and long to know the divine message or knowledge it brings. Once we perceive the knowledge we lose our self our ego. The Ego can stand in the way blocking you towards change. The “backs” of the praying Balinese people are symbolic to our past, our sins perhaps, to signify that we need to look at our past  in order to forgive self and others so that we may move across the chasm of the ego and open ourselves to the change, which is the music or the call to new opportunities that are being presented to us. (“One must understand Krishna to understand the power and magic of his flute’s tune. Though it is presented on this Earth, it was created for Krishna’s abode, so there are strings attached to the pastime. The frequently offered explanation is that all living creatures stilled by the captivating tune of Krishna’s flute are his companions of past times, scholars and sages who are interested in the Vedic knowledge that flows through the tune of his flute. To perceive that knowledge, one must be so absorbed in the music that he must, essentially, lose his self.” M. Hiremath.)

What is going against you; blocking you?

The Tarot card, Judgment:

There is fear in the way and it is blocking you from taking the chance or the ability to be open to new possibilities and if you allow the ego fear to do that you will lose out.  This is a new opportunity that is presented to you, be it a new job, a new relationship, or perhaps a decision this may change your life for the better. Move through your fear with courage, just do it at this time it is vital to feel the fear. Yes, the outcome of this movement may be in the future and you will not see the direct results right away however this card tells us to be pro-active now. Listen to the message, its calling you.

If you allow fear to stop you from taking a chance or a new possibility then you will lose out. Do not ignore the new opportunities being presented to you – a decision, new job or relationship could change your life for the better. Do not refuse change when change at this time is vital – feel the fear and do it anyway. Outcomes may well be delayed; however this is a time for positive action and not passiveness.

Go for it! Blessings, Jean

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